The Not-So Joys of Registering

Please don't get confused by my post title, I did enjoy registering very much (especially because my hubs came). But it's time to break it down to a point that is realistic and helpful to other new parents who are going to register for the first time. 

First off, registering is not fun on a pregnant lady's back. I went at 20 weeks pregnant after about one hour of looking at baby furniture and then straight to Babies R Us to register. My husband and I were there for perhaps 2.5 hours registering and all I can say is that by the time I left the store, my back was on FIYAH. Not on fire. But on FIYAH. I thought I was kind of early registering, but it was his only time off and now my back thanks me for not waiting till I was larger and carrying more around. 

Secondly, it is slightly overwhelming. Now this could just be because I am slightly OCD and want to have the best brand for my baby (not name brand--best brand); I want to choose products that are safe and healthy; and I want some knowledge about the products I am registering for.

Gift set available at Babies R Us
You run into questions such as Pampers vs. Huggies or humidifier or not? What is the best brand of bottles (I think it is Dr. Brown's)? What pumping set should I get? Do I need a diaper genie? And why are there so many car seats? 

I went off of the knowledge I knew from taking care of my nephew--stick with Dr. Brown's; diaper genies aren't necessary; Pampers seemed to work according to my sister; and humidifiers are apparently a must. 

My advice to any first time parents is to do a little bit of research before you go. Ask around about brands and products especially on big ticket items and everyday items like bottles and diapers. If the store provides a list to go by then use it. I used my list which may have made my registry somewhat large--but hey--they listed it as a must have. 

Also, don't register for all gender specific items if you plan on having multiple kids. No little boy wants a pink paisley print car seat. And make sure to check your registry online in case some items you scanned didn't go through or in case you registered for the wrong one. You make changes and additions online. My final piece of advice...send a letter to Babies R Us for prego women to be allowed to use some sort of sit down scooter while registering. I don't see how that isn't an option yet. 

What was your experience like while registering?