The "What Do You Want?" Question

I have to be honest and say that one question that I find is an odd one while expecting is the common question, "What do you want?" Um, last time I checked I just wanted a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes. What do you want? 

A pregnant lady being asked that question could easily reply with, "I'd like some Oreos and milk and a bag of Funyuns potato chips." One could also reply with, "World Peace." There is definitely more than one answer to this infamous question. I suppose though that really they are asking for the sex that I want my baby to be. Is it just me or is that an odd question? Sure I want a girl to dress her up and make her a tiny ballerina but I also want a boy to play baseball and ride four wheelers. I really don't have a preference. It just seems odd to really come out and say "I want a ________." I don't ask other pregnant people that question and I kind of don't like being asked that myself. 

However I keep finding myself having to dodge this question by saying "I want both." Yes, I am secretly hoping there is one of each growing in my belly down there. Yes, I hope that one day I have a combination of boys and girls and not just all one sex. But most of all, I just want healthy babies that come when they are due and can go straight home with mommy and daddy. I don't care if they have a winky or a hoo-hah or a hamburger or a hot dog. I just want a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes and beautiful eyes like their daddy. 

That's all I really want. 

How did you answer that question?
Or did you have a preference?