For the New Peeps

Since I'm gaining so many new followers, I thought today's post should be a fun little tidbit about me! I'm just your average girl, uh-um {woman}, who is expecting her first little baby. I'm the creator, writer and occasionally Naughty writer over at Romance In a Glance. If you are like me and still have a fascination with weddings then perhaps you'll want to go on over there and visit. Or maybe you just like the occasional "dirty talk" about men, marriage and dating --- I chit chat about those things too. 

I'm a Southern country girl, although I sometimes believe my heart was left in the big city of New York after my husband and I's anniversary trip there. Perhaps I'm really a city girl stuck out here in the swamps of good ole Louisiana, just making do with my boiled crawfish and bonfires. With that said though--just because I'm southern country--doesn't mean I eat like it. I'm actually not a big meat eater. Although this baby sure has me craving hot dogs and chili cheese coneys. 

I'm a trained dancer and certified dance teacher and even with the belly, I'm still teaching my little ballerinas. I work a full time job for now, but this little mamma has some big plans coming up soon {hint: SAHM}. I also have my two blogs which I have plans for; and I'm hoping to dabble into some freelance writing, crafting and business-owning stuff. I'm one of those people that want to work for myself and create my own impression on this world. Why listen to someone else's ideas when I have my own?

I guess that's me in a nutshell. I'm married to the most amazing baby daddy in the world that I love more than words can say. We're high school sweethearts who have been together for nearly nine years and as corny as it is, I love him more each day. He's going to be an amazing father. We find out in 8 days what little baby's gender is and I'm counting down the minutes. 

P.S. I go by the pen name Romantic Savy, with Savy being derived from my real name. 

Thank you for all following along! I hope you 
enjoy The Mushy Mommy and I already LOVE 
all of your sweet comments I have been getting. 
{new friends rock}