Still Unable to Keep My Breakfast Down

So four months into this pregnancy and I still can't keep my Cheerios down. Actually I also can't keep my oatmeal, grits, yogurt, hot chocolate or toast down. Sorry, was that TMI?

After speaking to numerous people who say that they were sick for five months, six months and even the whole nine months, I've now come to the conclusion that I may indeed be one of them. To be honest at first I was somewhat excited and relieved to be sick because I had always heard and read that it was the sign of a healthy pregnancy. So I said "bring it on" (and it listened very well). After over fifty trips to the toilet (yes I count) I'm now so used to it that it's basically second nature. Some days there are multiple trips to the toilet while on other days it's quick and breezy. And occasionally there are days where I'm not sick and just want to eat an All Star Breakfast from Waffle House. 

I have had an enormous amount of people say that typically this happens when the baby is a female and I've had tons of Facebook friends all explain that this happened while pregnant with their daughters. I do know a few people who had this happen while pregnant with boys though, so I guess we can't go by all that. In ten days we'll know what Baby S is and I can't wait. 

Perhaps Baby S would prefer if I ate just chocolate for breakfast. Maybe I should just try that. If it's anything like me, it will love chocolate for breakfast. 

Did you experience morning sickness
for awhile during your pregnancy?