Noticing the "Kicks"

So my little Princess has been fluttering around in there for several weeks now and I have been anxiously awaiting her first couple of kicks. Well...

On Wednesday night I was just getting ready to drift off into a nice sleep when it happened--I felt those little "thumps" in my belly. Almost like a giant pulse or almost as if someone was tapping me from the inside. I believe I felt three or four of them and I even remembered thinking to myself, "What is that?" And then it hit me. That was her kicking me. It felt just as a friend of mine I had demonstrated for me and told me about. It felt exactly like something was tapping me to say, "Hey mom I'm in here!"

I think I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night. It was so peaceful and comforting just to feel her finally kick me. The next day I believe I felt her once and then today as I sit at my desk and do nothing all day, I've noticed several kicks. It takes you by surprise and it is such a strange feeling. I had something sort of spicy for lunch and ever since she's been kicking quite a bit. Perhaps the spice woke her up. 

It really is the best feeling ever and in many ways a strange feeling. For a first time mommy to be, it definitely takes you by surprise. It's proof that there is definitely something in there. I just sit here now and just envision that she is practicing her dance moves for me. I look so forward to lots of kicks, flips and punches. 

Today really made me realize how much cooler we are than men. I mean seriously, they don't grow babies like us. They don't carry life inside of their bellies and they don't get to feel what we are feeling from the inside. 

We are definitely the cool ones. 

How would you describe baby kicks?