A Very Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I was on somewhat of a bloggy break I suppose since it looks like I haven't posted anything since Friday. We've had a party every day since Friday with three of them yesterday. With so much food, so many parties and too much sugar, it sure exhausts a pregnant mama.  

Our holiday was so wonderful and it was the first time my husband has had two consecutive days off in a very long time (while I'm off too). I'm so grateful that he was able to get off of work and spend the holidays with us all. That is exactly what the holidays are about--time with those you love. I love all of the family parties and the long days with those you love.

 Hubby and I are such kids that on Sunday night we ended up opening up all of our presents to each other. Next year we will not be doing that, but I have to say that it was very fun and exciting. I am looking so forward to next year during this time. Even though she'll be too little to understand Santa and Christmas, I still look forward to playing Santa and getting things ready for Little Bit. Heck I may even do Elf on the Shelf! 

Now that Christmas is over, it seems like it is time to really prepare for baby. I still have to register, select and purchase a crib and then there are the two rooms we have to clean and reorganize to make room for baby. Oh boy! You have no idea how excited I am to set up the nursery...I'm too thrilled about that! 

How was your holiday?