10+ Essential Oils for Sleep Support

Copyright The Mushy Mommy

Copyright The Mushy Mommy

Sleep can be hard to come by some days unfortunately, especially for mamas and children. Men just have this unique ability to pass out and sleep through a tornado, but not women. We are instinctively care takers and we just pop up at the sound of anything or we go to bed thinking about way too much. Mental to do lists are real people!

Today I will share some of my favorite oils for sleep. Some of these knock me out and others just help set the tone for a good night of sleep. These are all wonderful options to use on your little ones as well!

Peace and Calming: Perhaps one of my favorite oils in the starter kit. It’s a blend of citrus and floral oils and it smells so incredibly dreamy. This oil is wonderful at promoting calmness and zen and it is widely popular among parents of little ones. I can tell you that it will always help my youngest to sleep through the night!

Lavender: Everyone knows Lavender helps with sleep since it promotes relaxation. It’s such a good oil for so many uses, but so often you hear it used a ton for sleep. We personally love it with Cedarwood or Frankincense and find both combos to be a powerhouse for sleep.

Rutavala: This is my personal sleeping pill. I apply this to my pulse points on nights where my mind just won't shut off and then it is lights out! Not everyone is a fan of this scent, but I enjoy it! If you’re someone who struggles with mental too do lists at night, worry or adrenaline, then try this oil!

White Angelica: This is one of the dreamiest blends that I also use for my perfume sometimes, but it’s an oil that many use to set the environment for sleep. It can help release negative emotions and feelings and clear your mind with more peace. I find it is a powerhouse with Orange in the diffuser and this is a combo we often do for company at our home.

Sleepyize: This is an oil from the Young Living KidScents line where the oils are prediluted for children and totally easy to apply straight to their feet. You can also diffuse it as well. Many adults even use this oil blend for sleep and for some it works very well!

Dream Catcher: The name says it all. This is an oil that many will find success from when it comes to sleep!

Tranquil: This oil is very similar to Rutavala to me and comes available as a roll on from Young Living. It does just what it says - promotes a tranquil mind and environment. I don’t find it knocks me out quite like Rutavala but it sure is a good one to have on hand too!

Gentle Baby: A calming oil specially designed for little ones. It has a pleasant baby smell and it can promote calming, sleep and joy (think less fussies).

Valor: Along with Lavender and Peace and Calming, this oil actually comes in the starter kit as well. We often tell people to try the things in their starter kit first because typically there’s an oil for their needs right there! Valor isn’t necessarily one that is discussed as a sleep oil a lot, but when you ask oilers which is their favorite sleep oil - you may actually hear this oil a lot! Since it is a good emotional oil, it promotes more calmness and joy. This oil also has the unique ability to stop snoring.

Other oils to use or add into your diffuser to sleepy blends:

Cedarwood, Orange, Frankincense and/or Tangerine. These oils to amp up the sleep environment when used with things like Lavender or White Angelica!

These are just some of the popular oils that people turn to for natural sleep support. Sometimes we just have to clear our head space a bit and create an environment inductive to sleep. Things like less screen time before bed, relaxing baths, warm tea and no sugar can also help us enjoy a better night of sleep.

What are some tricks that worked for you and sleep? Which is your favorite sleep oil? Check out my sleepy solution here for a wonderful oily combo for little ones! Add oils to your bedtime routine during massage, lotion and even spray the sheets to set the tone for your little ones for the night! The more you do this, the more progress you should see. Sometimes it takes several nights before you notice a difference and sometimes, you have to try a couple different oils or blends.

Here’s to getting some zzzz’s!