Natural Skin Care for a Natural Minded Mama (and a DIY Recipe)

Natural Skincare by Young Living

Skin care for a natural minded mama can sometimes be tricky. We want to use as little synthetic ingredients as possible but we also don’t want to not love on our skin by feeding it the “good stuff” that it needs to remain youthful and vibrant.

I’ve tried many different facial care regimens and have been sent quite a few to try and review here on this blog. Some I loved, so I didn’t care for. Some I couldn’t afford. At the end of the day, I began using good ole’ coconut oil with some essential oils to wash my face daily and just really wasn’t even moisturizing much because I didn’t have a good natural moisturizer. So in a sense, I wasn’t loving on my skin and I surely wasn’t doing anything for aging skin.

But now thankfully, I have a facial system down that is quick and easy, affordably priced, nurturing for my skin and helpful to this thirty something year old. I’m a Young Living girl and love their oils and products and most of my facial care is from YL. Their products are infused with their pure essential oils and are completely plant based and non toxic. This sets them apart from other natural companies as many companies are not using 100% pure oils in their products or developing products geared towards aging! Essential oils have the ability to regenerate skin cells, so why NOT use them?!?!

I’m going to breakdown my simple and easy routine for you below!

Wash: I now use the charcoal bar soap every morning and some evenings for washing my face. This bar has lasted me a REALLY long time (like it may make a whole year) and the cost of it was a mere $12.50. If you’re not familiar with charcoal soap, it does wonders for your skin - especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. Lastly, I sometimes mix in the Mirah cleansing oil at night and I’m beginning to LOVE this stuff. I find since using it my skin has an altogether softer and healthier appearance. Since it is oil based, it sets in a bit (even after rinsing off) and leaves the skin feel moisturized.

Tone: You may be like me and think that toning is a waste. I never understood it and totally skipped that step. However I have since learned that toning is actually really important to repairing your skin and closing your pores after you’ve just washed it. You should tone your skin daily! I use an item from Island Botanicals but once this is out, I plan to make my own with some water, essential oils and witch hazel. Toning can totally be an easy DIY product!

Moisturize: This is where I feel like I have really stepped my game up to pamper and care for my skin. Currently because of the colder weather I have been using only the ART Intensive moisturizer, but I soon plan to use that one only at night and get back to using Orange Blossom in the mornings. ART stands for “age refining technology” and is filled with all of the natural goodness we need to prevent the signs of aging. I love this product so much and it is YL’s more luxurious line of products simply because it is filled with some of the best essential oils. Orange blossom is a wonderful moisturizer for sensitive and acne prone skin. It’s very lightweight and smells wonderful! You truly can’t go wrong with either, but if you’re in your 30’s then I totally recommend trying the ART line.

Pamper: Proper guidelines for exfoliating say that you should only do so about twice a week. So twice a week I use the Satin Mint Facial scrub AFTER I have washed my face. Exfoliating feels so good and this product has a really cool, “wake me up” affect. Lastly, I apply a roller bottle of Frankincense, Myrrh and Geranium to my face daily. These oils are wonderful for skin, wrinkles, glow and so much more! I apply right around my eyes and my forehead.

Natural Skin care, Young Living Skin Care, ART Moisturizer

I have learned that skin care doesn’t have to cost a fortune and doesn’t have to be fancy. Just because I have a morning and evening product doesn’t mean you need that to. Most people use just one cleanser and one moisturizer. You can easily create a skin care regimen for under $100 with truly natural, non toxic products that are actually feeding your skin the things it needs to stay clear, bright and “young.”

If you’d like any of these products, feel free to message me or check out our link here to grab a starter kit and then shop for your skin care needs. As a member of Young Living you get these products at our wholesale cost (24% off retail price) and I know you will love them. If you don’t, there’s nothing to cancel.

Take it from someone who felt a little lost in the world of natural skin care — I finally feel like I’m truly “adulting” and caring for my skin! ;)

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