Easy Ways to Bring Scripture into the Home for Little Ones

ABC Scripture Cards from  Amazon

ABC Scripture Cards from Amazon

There are numerous things that we try to tackle daily in our role as mother. We are trying to balance it all and do all of the things and sometimes the things that are really important get left undone. Things like vitamins may get forgotten, flossing may get pushed aside, bedtime prayers may get rushed and plans for other things like scriptures with kids is HARD.

It’s hard when we live in a time where rushing is the norm and rest comes less. Just like any mama, I am guilty at times of forgetting things and leaving important tasks undone. Trying to bring new routines or habits into the mix can be a challenge, but with summer time approaching, it seems like a good season to bring fresh ideas to the table.

One of the things that I wanted to bring into the home was scriptures for us. I want my children to start learning and memorizing scriptures. Not necessarily because I want them to retain it all and spit it out on demand, because honestly they’ll likely forget a portion of what we learn. It’s not because I think that it will make us cooler or more appealing or that it’ll make us Bible nerds. It’s none of those things.

There are so many reasons for bringing something like scripture cards into the home and I will share a few of mine below.

++ For starters, it helps them learn WHO Jesus is. It will help them understand that much more about our Lord because they are hearing it from US but it’s coming from HIM. They’re not drifting off in Sunday school or bored out of their mind in a church pew, they can be sitting anywhere in their home having a real conversation to learn more about our Father.

++ It will create a basis for helping them understand the Bible. They will learn more about the different books of the Bible but it will also help them to learn (as they grow) that sometimes the Bible isn’t so black and white. What one person receives from Him may be different than what someone else receives.

++ It sets an example. Children learn by example. I’m trying to lead my children to be disciples of Christ and what better way than to talk together about it and learn together. Opening up the conversation and providing them a time to talk about what they’re learning and what it means helps them understand and sets a foundation for them.

++ It gives them something to cling onto for forever. No they won’t remember every scripture or every book that these scriptures come from, BUT they will have their favorites. They will have the ones that stick out to them and that they will cling to. Even in dark times, even if their path goes astray, you never know if some of those old scriptures are what they cling to for hope and redemption.

++ It’s family time. Whether it’s done in the mornings before school or during a designated time, any extra boost of family time is a plus!

So how can you work on scripture in the home? Below is a few of my favorite ideas and ways, especially for younger children.

++ ABC scripture cards — These are available in all sorts of places! There are some really stunning ones from Hello Joy Co and Crew and Co, and even places like Amazon. These are great because the scriptures tie in with the alphabet so it’s a double whammy and may even help make memorization easier as they can relate the scripture to the letter.

++ Family Chalkboard — I tried this but the problem is that I forget to update it. Once I design a pretty board I have a hard time erasing it. However you could easily do a scripture a week and work on it this way.

++ Carpool line — Work on your scriptures on the way to school! It’s a great start to the day and what a better note to send them off on.

++ Family Prayer night — With little ones this can be harder, but perhaps you sit and read one very short passage and pull a scripture to memorize from there. Talk about the passage and work on it for the remainder of the week.

++ Make flash cards — Make a ring of laminated flash cards for them to flip through and work on together with you and on their own as well.

++ Incorporate the scriptures with Journaling — This is a great summer time activity that I plan to implement. Purchase a composition journal and let them work on illustrations that go with the scripture of the week; or have older children practice writing the scriptures as well.

I hope some of these sources and tools help you! What are some fun ways that you use to bring scripture into the home?