Farmhouse Master Suite Tour

Here is the first part of our old home tour! Soon there will be a LIVE tour for all of those requesting it, but for now blog posts will do the trick. 

Our home is an old one, and unfortunately we do not have the exact date it was built. We know it was built somewhere before or near to 1930. In the master suite, the bathrooms and large closest (all of the natural wood areas) were added in the by my father in law many years ago. 

There's still lots of little tweaks we hope to make - for instance roman shades instead of curtains around the tub and a chandelier instead of a fan in the bathroom. If I have learned anything about buying a new (but old) home, is that it takes time to get it exactly where you envision it. 

I love this space so much and this bathroom is my own personal oasis. Give me a ridiculously hot bath, a good Lavender bath bomb, a glass of wine and a good book (or my phone) and I can stay here for hours!

I like to keep things simple and minimal when it comes to decor but in our room we have some special touches of keepsake gifts between my husband and I. I also find that having our wedding photos here is the perfect touch to remind us of the day where our journey truly began and where we promised to loved each other forever. 

Okay, enough with all that. Enjoy our first series in the tour! 


  • Bedroom Set - unsure of the brand, purchased locally at V Watts furniture 
  • Quilt and Shams - Amazon 
  • Gray throw pillows - Lowe's 
  • Key Pillow - Target
  • Standing White Mirror - Amazon
  • Towel bin - Hobby Lobby
  • All other furniture - old family antiques