Creating a Joyful Home

creating a joyful home.png

Here lately as a homemaker, I have been so intrigued on the actual role of what I do daily. While I am more than just a homemaker because I do actually work from home, it's intriguing to think of all the skills, values, work and thought that goes into homemaking. 

It's so easy as women to just get trapped in the ideas of laundry, cooking, housework and raising children. When you think of all the things that we do day to day, even if we work from home or away from home, all of these things can sound daunting. Yet recently I have begun to realize all of the purpose that it truly serves. 

Keeping a home running efficiently isn't easy, but it also shouldn't always be the daunting task that it can seem. I'm not saying that housework is my favorite, but as time goes on, I realize all of the purpose my role serves in our home. I am helping to lay down the foundation of our home...the memories, the shared moments, the tools I teach down to my children and so much more. 

It's important to me to be a joyful homemaker who helps to create a joyful home. 

Having a joyful home is an inviting place. We want our home to be a place for gathering. Keeping a tidy, organized home means that impromptu gatherings doesn't frazzle you too much. While it's completely (and I mean completely) understandable that homes with young children can't always be tidy, keeping your home presentable for others keeps it inviting and helps keep your stress down when visitors stop by unexpectedly or for last minute plans. 

Having a joyful home is a memory. I want my children to remember the small details of life here. From warm cookies after naps to ice cream on the front porch swing and long summer nights playing outside to making smores in the fireplace during the winter, I want my children to have cozy memories of the place they called home. Keeping a happy, joyful and efficient home is helping to create the same memories for our children. Too much chaos isn't too joyful. Structure in our days and a good rhythm through the seasons helps keep us moving swiftly, even when things do get a little crazy. 

Having a joyful home welcomes the Lord. While everyone has their own beliefs and faith, many of us can say that we want faith within the walls of our homes. How little or how much faith we bring to the table depends on us as the parent. Having a simple home, a quiet life and a reason to seek, allows us to bring Jesus where he belongs. 

Having a joyful home brings us together. Some people love to cook and others not so much. I for one dread the task of beginning a meal and cleaning after a meal, but when I'm in the middle of preparing a meal for my family I love it. Cooking wholesome food for the ones I love and care for makes me happy. Having us all gather at the table or on the patio is the perfect end to what can often be busy, long days. I take pride in serving my family real food as much as I can. 

Having a joyful home teaches. Whether you're teaching your children how to cook, how to fold clothes, eat healthy, bake cookies, etc... , our children are learning from us on how to do so much in their own lives one day. Values are learned and skillsets that one day they will need within the walls of their own home is taught as well. We are setting a huge example for our children, even if we do not see it right now. 

Homemaking isn't easy and it looks different for each family. However creating a joyful home with organization, simplicity, laughter, love and faith will instill more in all who enter our home and especially those who live within it. When the days seem long and the laundry seems endless, remember to find the joy in it all because you are creating the foundation of joy for so many.