To My Son On Valentine's Day

To My Son on Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and truth be told, it is one of my favorite days. You see, mama loves a good excuse to shower people with love and receive love. The romance, the chocolates, the delicate moments all tucked into a joyful and loving day, it is right up my alley. 

You're young now so the day doesn't have much meaning to you; but as the years go by, the day will emerge into many different things. From exchanges of homemade cards and flowers to chocolates and superhero cards, the day will be filled with moments shared and gifts treasured. Their may even be a date, just you and I, where we walk hand in hand to grab pizza and talk about the mysteries of fourth grade.

There will be kisses galore, because truth be told, I can't deny your chubby cheeks. There will be endless cuddles because you smell like Heaven. And there will be so many I love you's because I could never, ever say it enough.

And I'll whisper in your ear, "You my dear, you are my forever Valentine." 

The years will go by and the moments that are so delicate and special may change over time. The moments that I'll forever hold deep into my heart may soon start to fade as just memories to treasure, as you trek through life and find your new Valentine. One year it may be a girl from homeroom and then one day it may be the girl of your dreams. 

You'll shower her with love and affection, I hope, and make her feel special. You'll take her on dates and try to create memories with her that may last a lifetime.  You'll occasionally ask for my assistance on gift ideas and you'll even tag me along with you to the jewelry store for my approval. 

And you'll tell her, "You my dear, you are my forever Valentine." 

I'll sit back and beam with pride at the love you show and the love you share. I'll hope that my unconditional love each and every day has shown you just how deep love flows. 

But what I'll always hope, is that you'll hold onto the memories of your first Valentine. I hope that you'll remember the stuffed puppy dogs and the crumpled flowers you picked for me at the school playground. I hope you'll remember the love that I exuded day after day for you, but especially on Valentine's Day.

I hope you'll remember how mama was the first girl you loved and for so long, the girl of your dreams. That mama was everything you needed for every booboo, every broken heart and every time you needed that push to get back up again. That mama wasn't just your mother but your number one supporter, your cheerleader and your defense. That for so long, mama was all you needed. 

One day I'll pass my forever Valentine title over to someone else. But today, today is not that day. Today I will hold you close, snuggle you in the crease of your neck and breathe in every sweet smell and I'll soak in every moment. I'll shower you with love every second of the day. I'll fly you around like Batman and I'll pounce through the pretend jungles with you.

I'll tuck you in at night and hold you close and pray over you so that one day, you will find that Valentine of yours (even if it seems hard to share you). That one day some woman that God made just for you, will be lucky enough to call you her forever Valentine. 

I know I am lucky. Because God sent me you. And You my dear, you are my forever Valentine.