Our Christmas Home Tour 2018

If you’re like me, you enjoy seeing how others deck the halls. This is only our second Christmas in this little ole’ farmhouse, so I still get such joy from sprucing it up for the holidays. But who am I kidding, I’ll still get joy from it 10 years from now because Christmas is just the best.

I like to keep things simple and cozy. In the last eight Christmases of being married and decorating the home for the holidays, I’ve learned a few things along the way. Less is truly more - although like any person, I have to fight the urge to not get all of the cute things I see.

I try to stick to the basics around here during Christmas. A few things of garland around the doors, poinsettias on the porch, Eucalyptus here and there, a vintage Nativity and a few Santas placed throughout. Over time I have taken things out of my decor and sold them because they no longer felt like “me” or I gave them away because I was purchasing inexpensive things in the past. Not that the things I purchase now are expensive, but I try to avoid all of the little knick knacks that are easy to accumulate over time. I try to make sure that something will really have a home if I purchase it and is something that truly brings me joy.

I think it’s all about making your home fit you and your family. I love a mix between nature, some vintage looking pieces and then some modern things. Perhaps your Christmas does include cute little trinkets or a village that goes on for days, or perhaps your decor is minimal and consists of just a few garland touches. Whatever it may be, I hope it brings you joy! It’s all about making your home cozy for the winter and enjoying the season of twinkling lights, hot coco and the smell of spruce!

Also disclaimer, my flowerbeds aren’t in tip top shape…ha!

For my tips on making the home cozy for the winter, check this post out. You can also find my favorite diffuser blends for the holidays here.