A Baby Born For You this Christmas

Our nativity awaiting baby Jesus on December 25th.

Our nativity awaiting baby Jesus on December 25th.

It’s almost Christmas and your tree is full of presents that you’ve found; your home is sparkling and smelling like the best spruce around.

There’s joy in your heart, quite a bit of stress in your head and anticipation of Ole’ Saint Nick lies ahead.

You’ve stressed about the budget that went out the window long ago; teachers, friends and party games still to go.

You’ll see family members you want and maybe some you wish not to see, you’ll run from here to there and may even begin to miss your own Christmas tree.

You’ll talk about this and reminisce on that, and you’ll probably hug some loud, smelly uncle in a big red Santa hat.

You’ll run around frantically finishing the last minutes touches, gifts for the stockings and over the top (hide it from ya husband) kind of budgets.

There will be this to do and that to buy, and Lord please help me for once make a delicious chocolate pie.

Christmas magic will be the joy that fills you up, as you watch your children giggle over Santa shaped marshmellows from their hot coco cup.

Their eyes will sparkle with every new light they see, and everyday they will look for their silly elf so excitedly.

It’s a magical season, truly the merriest time of year, despite some of the holiday stresses, you’ll still grin ear to ear.

But it’s what is so often lost within this time of year, the baby and the reason, the love far and near.

Christmas joy doesn’t come from Santa hats and twinkling lights, it comes from our Savior who was born on that precious night.

We all know the story, we all know the drill, go to church and practice goodwill.

There was a baby born for you this season, and unfortunately our hustle and bustle can overshadow the true reason.

So when the holidays become too much to bear, and the gifts are stacking up and there’s chocolate (or tons of little cousins) in your hair.

Remember why this day exists, not for the presents or Jolly Ole’ Saint Nick.

It’s about the baby who was born for you, to help shed some light, love and hope in all that you do.

Christmas joy wouldn’t exist without a true love, a love from our Savior way up above.

Take in the love and joy this season, but remember to slow down and keep Christ the reason.

Merry Christmas, the mushy mommy