Mom, I Need Oils!

Kidscents oils

You know you have crossed over into being a true "oily" family when your two and four year olds are requesting oils at the drop of a hat. Seriously sometimes I think they make up things just to have me put oils on them! 

We use oils on our little ones around here, something that I believe can be safely done each and every day. For starters we love to use our Immunity Stick to roll on our Thieves, Frankincense and Peppermint for a good, healthy day! Thieves and Frankincense are excellent at boosting immunity and peppermint is great for a wake me up/mental alertness type of oil. I also love that Frankincense can really help one feel grounded and "happy" in a sense. It can have a calming affect on some - so that's a win for my two year old in my book!

We also love these amazing Kidscents oils from Young Living because they are already prediluted and can go straight onto their skin! In fact, I have actually added roller ball tops to a few of these recently so that way I can apply it even easier. While many people are fine with using oils "neat" (not diluted) on their little ones, others choose the comfort of diluting with a carrier oil such a coconut oil, olive oil or the V6 oil from Young Living. 

But truth is, sometimes all of that mixing takes a hot second and we all know that moms have limited seconds in their life these days! So that's why I love these quick and easy to apply oils!

While these oils can't be purchased as a set, you can purchase them individually and they are all under $20! The oil blends include Sleepyize for sleep support, Tummygize for digestion, indigestion and tummy support, Snifflease for the sniffles, Geneyus for focus and Owie for bruises, booboos and bites. 

Here's why I love this...because sometimes kids get mosquito bites that last for days. Sometimes kids pick booboos just for "attention." And sometimes kids fake a bellyache just again, for attention (mine love medicine for whatever reason). I surely would hate to turn to my medicine cabinet for every little thing they come up with when Lordy knows they don't really need those chemicals and medicines in their little bodies and bloodstream. I rather have something natural, safe and effective on hand! 

My Simple Personal Guidelines for Oils on Kids

  • I dilute most oils with the exception of something like Lavender or Frankincense
  • Leave the door open if diffusing in their room + usually use the intermittent setting if there is one
  • On my newborn I only use oils as needed for support, not preventative. However I will add things like Lavender or Gentle Baby to lotion or coconut oil for massage after bath. 

Yea, it's pretty simple. 

If you've been on the fence about beginning your oily journey, I'm pretty sure my kids will tell you to DO IT. They are 100% proud little oilers! I've seen the affects so far on my little ones when using oils -- for instance, having the Tummy support completely cutting out my newborn's gas so he could get some sleep! 

I love my oils and so do my kiddos. So make sure to check out the links in my essential oils section if you're interested or shoot me an email at I would love to help answer your questions!

Cheers to healthy, strong and courageous kids!