Our Home Christmas Tour

It's no secret that I love Christmas. It's also no secret that I love vintage and old with a touch of new charm within our home. But the two together and Christmas in our old home, is pretty much the best thing ever for me. 

This is our first Christmas in our new home, so it's been a process to see how things will work and look. One of the things that I wanted to achieve was an understated Christmas look that didn't require too much stuff, too many knick knacks and too much expense. I love adding charms of Christmas here and there, but I didn't want it to look like Christmas threw up in our home if you know what I mean. By the way, I totally LOVE homes like that - but in a smaller home, I just wanted it simple. 

I'm just like any woman really. I see other extravagant trees and kinda start brainstorming if mine is fancy enough. I see homes with beautiful outdoor decor and I kinda wish I had a little more. Why do we do that though? Comparison is evil y'all. It makes things so much harder and less joyful when you compare everything to others, especially within the squares of social media. I truly love our little Christmas Cottage, as I like to call it. While it isn't as fancy as some, it's perfect for me. 

I wanted nothing more than to sit back this holiday season and really live slowly within the moment. It's hard to find the slow pace in motherhood, especially during the holidays but in many ways I think I have achieved that. I wanted to do fun things with my children and I feel as though I have achieved those intentional moments that I wanted to. For some last minute fun ideas to do with your children, check out my Christmas Bucket List for Children

I won't lie though -  I have gotten overwhelmed a few times about all of this present business. I hate that part sometimes; I love giving but the stress that comes with it takes away from what this season is about. Again, comparison and perfection creeps up and starts to mess with you. Is your gift enough? Will they like it? Did you spend about as much as they did on you to make things appear equal? Ugh. Those things can get a bit stressful. That's when I say pop in a Christmas movie, bake some cookies and have a Christmas movie picnic! 

What do you enjoy about making your home Christmasy? What's your favorite thing to decorate or do? I think for me, this year my favorite thing was the mantle. Perhaps it's because I finally have a mantle to hang the stockings and a chimney for good ole' Saint Nick to come down. 

It's those simple joys that make me all giddy. 

Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy this season in your beautiful, cozy home.