Easy Reese's Cookies

This is really just too easy of an idea to share. It's like one of those, "well duh" ideas. But hey, sometimes we all needs reminders. 

Like the time I was making cookies in a mini muffin pan and my husband said, "Hey stick a Reese's in there."  It was perhaps one of the wisest thoughts the man ever had (besides asking me to marry him of course). 

Reese's Cookies
Reese's Cookies

I just put a drop premade cookie dough balls into a mini muffin pan and baked until ready. Once they come out of the oven, let them cool for about two minutes. Gently place a mini peanut butter cup into the cookie (if you push it in too far it will mess the bottom of the cookie up) and let it sit for about five minutes to cool off.

Use a spoon if needed to gently remove the cookie cup and place on a cooling rack. If you remove the cookie cup too soon, it will melt and fall apart.

This really is an easy treat that you can make very quickly to bring to parties and gatherings or just for a yummy after dinner dessert with your family.