Candy Cookie Pie

I wish I could claim this amaze balls dessert as my very own creation, but unfortunately this is not. In fact, this was one of those viral Buzzfeed videos that shows you how to make mouth watering meals and desserts in like 30 seconds and leaves you sitting there in awe at the creations these genius people come up with.

Soooooo in case you missed the video, here is a picture (Ta-Da) and below is the EASIEST description on how to make it. Like so easy, you'll realize you just wasted two minutes of your life staring at that picture thinking, "Oh my gawd. How on earth does one make this?"


One Graham Cracker Pre Made Pie Crust (unless you're just that talented and want to make your own -- you go girl)

One Roll of Sugar Cookie Dough (again, go ahead with your bad self and make that from scratch) 

Large Bag of M&Ms (yea, I don't know how you'd make this one from scratch)

Fun Size Twix Bars cut in half (nearly impossible to make from scratch unless you're the Mars Company)

Mini Reese's cut in half 


Preheat oven to 350 // Smush down roll of cookie dough in to pie crust // top with halved Reese's minis, Twix bars and M&M's (push all of this down into the dough a tad // bake for about 40-45 minutes until nice and golden with crispy edges // EAT AND ENJOY. 

And yes, that just happened. It is that easy to make this dessert that is the BEST thing you may ever eat! EVER. 

Told ya it was a piece of cake. Or in this case, a piece of candy cookie pie.