The "Momsuit" (Comfort at the Beach)

Don’t restrict yourself because you think others expect you to be in something else.
— Sasha Savoy, The Mushy Mommy
The Mom Suit

Yes, I just posted a photo of myself in a bathing suit for the whole worldwide web to see. My slightly white thighs from shorts and my splotchy face that was sweaty and full of sand is right there for you guys. 

But guess what guys, it's real life. 

You know what else is real about "real-adult-mom-life?" The mom suit! Is that even a thing? THE MOM SUIT? 

Well, I am making it a thing. 

swimsuit via  Target

swimsuit via Target

You see, my whole life that I can remember I have always hated the beginning of summer when I went to try on swim suits. It's such a process that always left me feeling, eh. For me, it wasn't really about not having the "beach body" that I wanted, but more about comfort. I have never been one to enjoy prancing around in a bikini bottom that felt like my butt cheeks were exposed and even worse, always made me feel like I just had to pull that wedgie out! 

I've also always been a little self conscious about the girls up there. I mean, how much is too much and how much coverage is too, well, old fashioned? But wait, why am I even worried about what is old fashioned? I mean, shouldn't I dress for ME and my comfort (and maybe a little bit of what I think my husband will like, sure)? Why am I worried about other's opinions and what everyone else is wearing? 

I decided this summer that this year, it was about being comfortable for ME. I applaud any mama who gets up there and flaunts their stuff. I mean, these bodies grew a human being -- that's bad ass, folks. We shouldn't feel compelled to hide BUT we also shouldn't feel like we can't cover just a little more for comfort if that's what we want. Just because I am young and decently fit, doesn't mean that I have to force myself into a bikini that goes up my butt and cuts off milk production. 

So mamas, when it comes to picking out your summer swim suits, wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Don't restrict yourself because you feel others expect you to be in something else. Don't restrict yourself to being uncomfortable on an already uncomfortably, hot summer day. 

While I am sure I may put on another bikini one day, it'll likely be in a much more private setting and when I don't have toddlers pulling at every inch of me. Because um, no one needs to catch an accidental glimpse of my mom boobs. 

Enjoy your summer with your mom boobs comfy and your bottoms wedgie free. Now, can we just figure out how to make them sand free too? 

One Piece
hat via  Charlotte Russe
Mom Bathing Suit

My absolute favorite swim suit this summer is this black one piece. The lace detail at the top adds that sexy spice but keeps things comfy and in place!  

I've eyed cute one pieces for the past few summers and always felt like I had to wear a two piece. Wear what works for YOU, Mama! 

Top via  Target  // Bottom via  Old Navy

Top via Target // Bottom via Old Navy

Mom Suit
Bathing Suit via Old Navy // Toddler Suits via Wal Mart // Hat via Charlotte Russe

Bathing Suit via Old Navy // Toddler Suits via Wal Mart // Hat via Charlotte Russe

Beach Kite
Mom Bathing Suit

We had such a wonderful beach trip, I may share more later. 

What are you rocking this summer, Mama?