Boys Will Be Boys (is not always an excuse)

For once I would like to protect them without the whole “Boys will be boys” spill...
— Contributing Author, Courtney
Boys will be boys

Moms are natural worriers.

I mean we worry over how much junk food our kids consume, how much tv time they should get, every little bump, bruise and scrape. The list goes on and on.

Why can't I just relax?!?

My husband can be watching my son jump off a 10ft roof and still remain calm, cool and collective. Okay maybe I exaggerated a little, but you get the point. I'll admit, sometimes, I do tend to worry too much about little things. Or maybe I just worry enough for both my husband and myself, since he tends to be so nonchalant. Yes, I know boys are supposed to be tough, rough and downright daredevils, BUT this Mama Bear has a right to worry about her babies; I mean, after all, I'M THE ONE WHO BIRTHED THEM!!

I guess some people just don't get it. You can never be too careful...especially with adventurous little fellas like my Charlie. Accidents happen and if I can do something to prevent my boys from getting hurt, well then I will. I'm well aware of the whole "Boys will be Boys" expression, but that does't change the fact that a three year old should not be running full speed, with scissors and Swiss Army knife in tow. Okay, I'm exaggerating again, aren't I? (And, No my husband doesn't let our three year old have that much freedom.)

I believe in letting them play, but children do need supervision. As moms, we know we can't put too much trust in our little rug rats who are still learning the ropes. For once I would like to protect them without the whole "Boys will be boys" spill or "Ah, there's only one way to learn," and then there's the, "He won't do that again, that'll teach him." We can't use the "Boys will be boys" expression to justify such rough horse play that may result in injury, upset feelings among friends and so on; it is not an excuse.  

 I'd rather him not get hurt in the meantime of learning these ropes. Maybe I do need to loosen the reigns a little and let them explore....but then again maybe others (hubby included) need to remember they are still little boys. I am so grateful for the wonderful man I married, and the exceptional Dad he is, but sometimes I wish he could understand why I worry the way I do.  

But then again, he probably thinks the same about me too....

Any boy-mom's or even Mama's with girls feel my pain?