Little Fox and Cheeky Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Before Little Fox was born, I was approached by

Cheeky Diaper Co

to do a review and after browsing their website, I quickly knew that these were diapers I wanted to try! I mean first off, you can never have too many diapers and secondly, as a cloth diaper retailer I really enjoy testing products and knowing what is out there.

One of the things I love about Cheeky is the simplicity. While I love prints and patterns, I just love the simplicity of having a few colors to choose from to keep things simple and to allow more use between different gender babies should I have a boy next time.

The four colors that Cheeky offers are just beautiful. Three bright and modern colors along with a trendy gray that I adore! What I even love more is that while there is a "pink" diaper, it falls along more of a coral/reddish pink tone therefore not making it such a big deal to use on a little boy later (if that kind of stuff bothers you).

Cheeky diapers are AIO but come with an opening similar to a pocket to stuff an additional insert in there if needed. This design feature makes them slightly different than other diapers and I like it -- although we haven't even had to use it because the diapers are extremely absorbent alone. These diapers are made of organic hemp and cotton and are made in Canada.

Can I repeat that...they are made in Canada...NOT China...but North American

! That's always a huge bonus for me because it is rare to find!

So let's cut to the chase and discuss

what I love:

  • Four modern and bright colors to choose from
  • Organic hemp and cotton rather than microfiber
  • Additional pocket for extra inserts
  • Extremely absorbent
  • North American Made
  • Founded by two moms who are sisters
  • Easily purchased in sets straight from their site
  • Super TRIM
  • Curved waistline that makes things much more comfortable
  • Curved waistline and extra snap down on newborn size for umbilical cord stub
  • The cutest newborn diaper EVER
  • A gorgeous coral color rather than a typical pink
  • The Everyday Diaper fits my two month old great and has room to grow!

What I didn't totally love:

  • These diapers are super trim which is a huge advantage however on a toddler like mine that is two and a half, it's slightly harder to get what you may would think would be a superior fit. But on the other side of that, she's at the age that many would be potty trained. So ruling her out then, I LOVE the trim fit on my two month old and can foresee this diaper fitting her well for months to come! 
  • They take lots of prewashing according to instructions but this comes with most hemp diapers 

What could be slightly improved:

  • I love their simple colors -- I wouldn't mind seeing two or three more colors like an orange, purple and bright yellow
  • When visiting their website it appears you can't purchase them individually but rather as a three, six, 12 or 24 pack for the Everyday Diaper and packs of 10 or 20 for newborn -- I think it would be great to offer them individually as well

Overall I have really come to love these diapers and as a cloth diaper retailer, wouldn't mind getting my hands on them in our shop one day! I love to carry products that are well thought out, high quality, designed by moms like us and even better, are made closer to home. Make sure to visit

Cheeky Diaper Co

for more information!



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Thanks so much for entering and a special thanks to Cheeky Diaper Co for sending their products my way. All opinions and reviews are honest and completely myown. 

Introducing our sweet Little Fox in her Cheeky Cloth Diaper

Isn't she just perfect?