Weekly Update: 20 Weeks

How far along?

20 weeks, 4 days

Baby Size: 

A Banana

Total weight gain:

11 pounds (one pound ahead at this point than I was for Little Bug)

Maternity clothes?

 Maternity jeans, sweaters and stretchy pants for the most part. 

I haven't bought the first maternity item this pregnancy and have made my old clothes last longer. 

Stretch marks?

 None yet 


Some nights are great and some nights I have to pee quite frequently. Thank goodness I am 

not sick in the middle of the night anymore. That was awful! 

Best moment this week:

I get to see our little baby on ultrasound tomorrow! That will be the best moment. 

Miss Anything?

Being able to sleep on my stomach and nursing Little Bug. 


 Yes, lots of sweet movements! I have even felt hiccups in the middle of the night. :)

Food cravings:

 Currently sweets -although I still like the idea of pizza and spicy foods! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Thank goodness I don't feel quite as awful as in the beginning. 

I think we are a

t 76 times I've gotten sick so far. I only get sick about twice a week now, however I still 

have to eat breakfast immediately after waking up. 


Sweet little girl!!!! 


 Well aside from a little morning sickness, I finally have more energy but I am 

starting to feel ginormous!!! 

What's different this go around? 

Being very awful at weekly updates. Um, this is my second

one to post on the blog. That is really BAD.

Belly Button in or out?

Almost out already, which is crazy! 

Wedding rings on or off?



At this very moment, Little Bug has given me a rough morning and no nap yet, 

so I'm sleepy.....zzzzzzzz......


Pretty much complete except for a mobile and unpacking all of the newborn clothes. 

I still have to finish organizing the dresser as well. Our theme is just simple black, white, gold and boho. 

Feathers, foxes, dreamcatchers and stuff like that. Ironically the two outfits she has been gifted both

had a fox on it and I purchased a fox portrait for her room. So everyone, she's my Little Fox. 

Looking forward to:

Being better about taking these photos since I found a way

to do them without my husband and having pretty daylight. 

And I'm ready for June! It can't get here fast enough.

I can't wait to meet this little girl and see what she's like. It's so exciting to get to do all of this

fun stuff all over again while also having a sweet and loving little toddler too. I'll be kissing and cuddling for days! 

We're halfway to meeting our Little Fox!