Our Christmas Eve Box

I've always wanted to have a Christmas Eve tradition for my children, as the evening of Christmas Eve has and likely always will be free for us (besides going to church) and this tradition seems to be perfect.

What I love about this box is that it doesn't take too much buying as many things are reused each year and as the kid's get older, I can easily change up items. There are numerous things that you can add to your box such as pajamas, reindeer food, cookies to bake for Santa and much more.

Below is a breakdown of our box:

The Night Before Christmas Book 

(she opened this last Christmas Eve)

Cookie plate and mug for Santa

(a set that belongs to this box from my mother)

The Key to Christmas

(another gift from my mom when I was pregnant)

A new Christmas book and/or movie:

Each year I intend to purchase a new Christmas movie and book for us to read and watch that Christmas Eve for before bed. This is perfect for our box each year.


 This is a glass personalized ornament that I left wrapped up for photos. Each year I plan to give the kids an ornament just for them. The character style ornaments are perfect for their own tree in their room, but the prettier ones go on our big tree.


Slippers are something that are fun but practical. We wear slippers a lot in our home, so getting new ones each year sounds like fun!

Stuff for baking:

Whether it’s some M&M’s, a pretty jar of the ingredients for cookie dough, a Christmas spatula or a cute note saying, “Let’s bake for Santa,” I want to make sure we have something in there to get us in the baking mood!

This is a very simple tradition, and since most items are reused each year it really isn't that pricey (unless you choose to make it that way). I can't wait to add on each year and have a giant ole' box for my children. This box was perfect as it contains the legend to Santa's cookies in the inside of the box for my girls to read each Christmas Eve. Boxes similar to this can be found at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and even the Dollar Store.

What's in your box? What's your Christmas Eve tradition?