And, Baby Number Two is A...

Yes, we are having another girl! This chick here couldn't be more ecstatic (hubby is recuperating from the news). And Little Bug is going to be a BIG sister (she has no idea what is really coming).

I've known since day one that this little bebe' was another girl; I knew more so with this one than I did with Little Bug's pregnancy. I never doubted that this was a girl (although I did second guess myself while we were in there to find out the gender because the baby was laid back like a little dude). I suppose part of why I thought this was a girl was because the pregnancy was the exact same, even down to what I craved. On the other hand though, my "motherly instinct" was pretty strong this time -- so strong in fact I always wanted to tell everyone who said "boy" that they were sooooo wrong.

Even hubby knew it was a girl; but that's just because he wants a boy so bad that he knew his destiny was going to end up being another girl! However he was still holding on to hope for a boy in that sonogram room. I promise that despite the somber face in that last photo, he's excited (as excited as he can be). The man wants a son so bad and by gosh, we'll keep going until one of these off springs of ours have the coveted family jewels. But no fear, this man is all about his daughter and is the best dang father ever. This little girl has him wrapped tighter than you can imagine and I'm so over the moon to see that happen again. There's something so special about seeing the man you love be a father to your daughter.

It's crazy to imagine another little girl to love on. Will she be anything like her big sister? Maybe she'll be totally different. Who knows, right? I absolutely can't wait to meet this little girl and squeeze her and love on her just like I do her big sister. My heart is so full!

To picture two little girls running around in tutus, fairy wings and with tea cups makes me swoon.


See you soon baby girl.

Love you to the moon and back.