Easy Halloween Toddler Craft

This was such a fun and easy craft to do with my Little Bug this holiday. Simply grab some paint, your toddler, a few brushes and a canvas of your choice. We chose this burlap canvas from Wal Mart, however I'm not a total fan of using it. The paint goes on very lightly on the material and you have to go over it several times (especially for the white ghost).

Paint your kiddo's foot, stick it on the canvas and decorate as you choose. If your little one is old enough to really get involved, make sure to let them participate. I gave mine the paint brushes afterwards to paint on the paper plates and she assumed that since I had just painted her foot, that body painting was acceptable.

It. was. everywhere.

Nevertheless, it was fun and it's super cute and so easy. Just my style!

P.S. This was a Pinterest Win!

What's your favorite thing about Halloween?