A Look at the Brands In Our Shop

Today I want to take a minute to highlight the amazing brands that we are carrying in The Mushy Mommy Natural Baby Boutique. I am thrilled with the amazing brands that we have, many that I have been using myself for quite some time.

Lots of research went into choosing brands to open up with, especially if it wasn't something that I was personally using at the moment. We have our eye out on many other brands and hope that over the next few months we will be able to introduce more brands and product lines.

But enough about all that...let's take a peek...

Natural skin care products safe for babies and effective 
for everyone. Handmade out in Hawaii! 

A line of diapers, inserts, covers, wetbags, bibs and much
more that I previously had experience with. Their Dr. Seuss line
has my heart. It is seriously the cutest...giveaway coming soon!

A line of dinnerware products that we have been using for months
for my toddler. We currently have a few items from Re Play!

Natural, non toxic skin care products that are pretty much 
every mama's favorite! 

Rumparooz and Lil' Joey diapers are among some of
the most popular diapers around. I'm ready to try some Lil' Joeys
out on a new lil' joey of mine! 

A simple product that helps nursing mamas keep track of 
which side and how long...you know...instead of writing it all down!

I've used Boba since day one and loved it! 
We have experience with the wrap and 4g carrier!

Some of the cutest and trendiest reusable breastpads. 
Reusable breast pads are the way to go! 

A line of organic toys that I eyed for months for my daughter; 
I just never got around to getting her any. 
Well, now she has a whole inventory load of them
(don't worry, she's not playing with them). 

Some adorable slings that I am thrilled to carry! 

One of the most popular USA brands of prefolds and diapers. 
I've heard so much about this company since day one. 
Can't wait to see how much you all love them!

Some of the most beautiful nursing covers ever. 
We've used this brand since day one as well. 

Adorable, eco friendly products in trendy prints. 
That is all. 

The pacifier I wish we had used. 

Y'all know I love making baby food.
Well, these pouches may be the cutest things ever. 

Adorable organic cotton teething toys! 

Natural, non toxic cleaners and cloth diaper safe detergent. 

The only cloth diaper detergent we have used since day one and 
the only detergent I have used in my house for about six months now. 
Love. This. Stuff. 

Congrats to Twitter follower @robyn_star_21 on winning the Bumkins Turtle Diaper Giveaway! We have another AWESOME giveaway coming next week. Thank you all for your orders and for sharing our shop. 


What brands would you love to see?