Natural Essential Oil Mopping Solution

So I have been dabbling with essential oils since January and finally, I am now immersed into the world of Young Living and I'm thrilled to start sharing some essential oil uses and recipes with you! Let's just go ahead and realize now that you're bound to see lots of essential oil posts in the future.



One thing that I have been doing for months is mopping my floors with a lemon oil and vinegar mixture. To be quite honest, I'm not really a measuring kind of gal. I fill up a clean sink with warm water and add around a cup of white distilled vinegar and several drops of lemon oil. Lemon oil is a great way to freshen up any room and make it smell "clean." But not only does it smell clean, it also helps to clean surfaces and sanitize. So it actually does clean.

Thieves is a new oil to me and is a very interesting oil. Thieves is commonly used by essential oil lovers as a cleaning oil (as well as for treating cold, flu, sore throat, congestion, toothaches, bronchitis, and a ton of other things). This little bad boy can treat areas infected with mold and staph as well as general household germs on floors, counters,  and more.

So why not add this sucker to your mopping solution?

I feel like Thieves is one of those oils that every essential oil home should have. The many uses of this powerful blend of oils is just mind boggling.

So that's it...easy, peasy mopping solution that smells wonderful and is natural and non toxic. There's no worry about pets licking it up or toddlers inhaling toxic fumes. This is a natural way to clean your floors and take care of your family.

Stay tuned for more amazing essential oils posts.

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What's your homemade mopping solution?

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