Breastfeeding Subscription Box Review and Giveaway

Subscription boxes are one of the newest fads going around and luckily for me, I've had the privilege of trying a few different kinds. I was extremely excited to be contacted about a breastfeeding subscription box service that keeps the lactating mother in mind, as well as the sweet little nurslings.

The 16 Minute Club is a new subscription box service for breastfeeding mothers and may I just say that this box was full of some amazing goodies. But first, let's start off by talking about the fact that this subscription box service was designed and founded by a certified lactation consultant, which makes the value of the boxes all the more valuable in my opinion.


You can choose the box that matches your specific needs whether it is for the pregnant mama, the newbie breastfeeding mama or the experienced mama. Once your little one arrives, the boxes that arrive monthly will match the baby and mother's needs as much as possible. There are boxes to help you get through growth spurts, starting solids and even the one year mark where many wean but don't have to. The boxes are full of informational insight to help you get through those trying and exhausting months.

I was very pleased when I opened my box and found ALL of the goodies in there. Seriously, I've never seen a box with


many goodies. We received the

full steam ahead box

since my daughter is well over a year and still nursing. I love that the box comes with stuff and information for me as a lactating mother, but I especially love just how much there was in the box for my daughter. Let's face it...we all love getting presents for our kiddos!

In my box there were the following items:

Little Green Pouch refillable food pouch

Peekaboo Book for Baby

Puj bathtub stickies

Puj Clever Grippy Hooks

Bath Thermometer

Milkscreen Sample

Milkin' Cookies Lactation Cookie

Sili Squeeze Pouch

Bella B Natural Bath Wash

Milk Charm

Purity Milk Storage Bags

Soapbox Lavender Soap

Green Sprouts Reusable Ice Pouch

To talk about a few nifty products that I was very intrigued with, let's start with the milk charms. These fancy little charms loop around your bottle of expressed milk to help you keep track of the day and time that your milk was expressed. I can't tell you how many times I put milk in the fridge only to lose track of when I pumped it.

Purity milk storage bags are pre-sterilized and BPA free and the purpose of these bags is to help protect the vitamins of mama's milk with an ultraviolet light barrier coating. And as a homemade baby food mama, I LOVE the refillable items they have provided me with.

Lastly, the informational pack that comes with the box is full of so much helpful information. From dealing with unpleasant toddler behavior to diet ideas, it's very appropriate for where we are now.

I highly recommend this box to any breastfeeding mama or to your pregnant mama friends. In fact, I have someone in mind that I may send one to as gift just because it is so unique and fun! Subscription boxes are such fun surprises, and I love that this one is trying to help those mamas who need. All breastfeeding mamas need that support and group of fellow mamas to help them through. Thanks 16 Minute Club for being just that!

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Thanks so much to 16 Minute Club for sending this awesome box over. 

This is a sponsored post and all reviews and opinions are honest and solely my own. 

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