Let's Get a Few Things Straight

Being a blogger and a writer who puts it all out there on the Internet leaves you open for judgment, misunderstandings and so much more. Unfortunately, many people probably read just titles and captions and never really read what the writer is saying...

Here's the deal folks...I'm passionate about these things and knowledgeable about them because I do them. It doesn't make anything I do right or better than any other mama out there. So, let's just get a few things straight...


This is something that I'm a huge advocate for. Let's all be honest here and admit that we all pretty much know "breast is best," the signs are all over in hospitals and they even say it in formula commercials. Here's the catch though, it's not what is best for everyone.

If you choose formula or if you try breastfeeding for a short duration and stop, there's no judgment here. Often times the reason some choose not to or choose to stop early is because of the lack of support and knowledge. While breastfeeding is a natural thing, it doesn't come natural.

It's hard to get by without support and unfortunately support is sometimes hard to find. I always say be proud of the effort you put in no matter how short or long it was.


Recently I wrote an article on improving birth in America and my experience at a birth rally. However if you really read what I am saying, you'll learn that it's not about natural or epidural, home birth or section; it's about improving birth so ALL women are pleased with their experience. America does have a high cesarean and induction rate that needs to be changed, and many of these are not medically necessary

BUT often times they truly are necessary.

God designed us to push out babies through our va-jay-jays no doubt, but God also put great men and women in this world who have a passion for medicine and science who repeatedly save mothers and babies all the time through medical interventions during childbirth.

We should be thankful for that. Where would we be without that? 

Improving birth is to help mothers realize there are many options and that they have a right to have a voice. While one mother may walk away from her childbirth experience feeling proud and happy no matter how it turned out, there are many who do not walk away feeling that way. That's what I want to fight for...for every woman to have a beautiful experience no matter what they choose or how it turns out.

Baby Food & Cloth Diapers.

Yes, I make my child's baby food and I cloth diaper her. However that does not mean she's never received a jar of Gerber or that she's never worn a Pampers. It's just the way that I, and many other women, choose to do things. For many that choose these things, it simply balls down to trying to save money. Both take a tad bit more time than the conventional way, so it's completely understandable that not every mother can dedicate the extra couple of hours to this.

All of us supermoms lead busy lives. 

Cry It Out.

Do I think you're a bad mama because you made your baby CIO? Heck no. If you've read my posts you've learned by now that I have even attempted "versions" of it here and there myself. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

While I believe the research that shows that it may not really be effective, I also feel like, "who the heck really knows whether it works or not..." We all need sleep and however you choose to get your sleep is what you choose and works for you. Whether you co sleep, CIO, or sleep hanging from a tree, I just hope you're at least getting more sleep than me!

Organic Food.

I ALWAYS put some sort of disclaimer or funny thing in my articles to let you know that I NEVER claim to be perfect. Yes, I buy as much organically as I can find. However, I also eat something that I want if I'm craving it bad enough and I'll never say everything I cook is natural and organic. It is not and never will be (only in my dreams will I not love Oreos and pizza). I believe in living life and enjoying what I love in moderation.

Living naturally.

I choose to live as natural as possible because that's what I feel is best for my family and our health. The science is there to back most things I do and the changes I make. However, this is me and I proudly write about it because it's what I'm doing and what I know. It doesn't mean that I think what I do is better. It is simply what I know and it is my life that I'm putting on the Internet.

This blog has opened many doors for me and has give me a voice on the Internet to provide others with information, tips and even "inspiration" as I've been told. I write about what I write about because it's what I know.

I've finally found my niche in the blogging world and this blog may be opening even more doors for me, doors that I've dreamed of since high school. It's what I know. It's what I do and it's what I share with the world.

But it's never what I claim to be the right or best way.

And like I ALWAYS say, we are all Supermoms no matter what.

And yes, the mommy wars are for the birds.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing my posts 

and sticking with me each and every day. 

Sincerely, Sasha and Little Bug