Five "Facts" of Baby Sleep

Disclaimer: These are just for fun (but are oh-so-true)!

1. Every baby is different.

I feel like we need to repeat this again, Every baby is different. Mi baby is not su baby. All babies of various ages sleep differently and begin sleeping through the night at different ages. People like to think that since one baby is capable of sleeping a particular way that every baby should be capable of doing the same. Uh, negative ghost rider. Every baby is different and even within one family each child can be a different type of sleeper. Most articles will say that there is no "average" baby that you can go by.

Besides, we all think are kids are above average anyway, correct?

Oh and did you know that formula babies usually sleep longer stretches than breastfed babies? Breast milk digests quicker than formula. Sigh. 

2. You're not alone.

If you're like me, you may have a young toddler who still doesn't sleep all night and you're surrounded by all of the voices and stories of all the other fabulous babies who sleep all night. I can assure you that you are not alone (and you're not the only one wanting to bang your head against the wall). I know tons of mommies who still frequently wake up with their toddlers.

Some are even far worse situations than mine. Someone needs to buy them coffee. Heck, someone buy me coffee. 

3. Sleep deprived mamas rock it.

Seriously, some days I don't know how I function when I look back at the previous nights sleep pattern. Granted not every night is the same, some are better than others. But you'd think I'd walk around like a zombie, but somehow I don't. I rock the whole mom thing even on a few hours of sleep and there's a million others out there working it (and while working a regular job).

The idea of this post is brought to you by a 3 am feeding. Although honestly, it was a better post in my head. Sigh. 

4. Every night is different.

Can I get an alleluia and an Amen to that one? In our house, every night is typically different. We go through stages of sleeping great for a few weeks and then a few weeks of sleeping bad (right when I'm enjoying the extra zzz's she pulls a switch-a-roo). No matter how hard you try to recreate a "good" night, it never works. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to do everything the same on the night after a good night; even down to the same pajamas.

Totally a waste of time. I can't control teething, hunger, night terrors, being cold and belly aches by a freakin' pair of pajamas. 

5. It will get better.

I know one day we'll get there. One day I'll have a kiddo who will sleep all night (and I'll celebrate by waking up and dancing up and down the street in my underwear for the whole neighborhood to know). One day I will even miss those moments of cuddling in the dark with a warm, soft, sweet baby who hugs me close. I KNOW I will miss that. And as cliche as it is, I have the whole rest of my life to sleep.

But truth be told, I am begging for a few more hours kid! 

What are your thoughts on baby and toddler sleep?