10 Things New Moms Are Tired of Hearing

Things That New Moms Don't Want to Hear

1. "You're going to do things differently with baby number two."

Oh, I didn't know you were a psychic

. Chances are, I'll do it all the same since it all seemed to work out just fine with number one. I'm still going to be a germaphobe; I still won't allow just anything to be a teether and I'll hold number two just as much as number one. Say it again and I'll be even more crazy with number two just to show ya.

2. "You should make them cry all night for them to sleep better."

Really? Please tell me how you know for sure that this worked with your child? P.S. You think I haven't heard that one yet? Chances are, if I haven't tried it yet then I don't intend to.

3. "You should feed them solids and cereal at three moths. It's what we all did."

Please show me that nifty little piece of paper that declares you a nutritionist or better yet, a doctor. The recommendation is to wait until six months, I'm sticking to it.

Here, you enjoy this baby cereal. 

4."That kid is still on the tit?!"

Actually no, at this very moment she is not on my tit. Do you see her on my tit? Didn't think so. But yes, I'm still breastfeeding. Thanks for asking.

5. "You'll never keep that up..."

 How do you know how long I'll do something? Whether it is cloth diapers, baby wearing, breastfeeding, natural birth, yoga, gardening or standing on my head all day, who really knows what I'm capable of, right?

6. "My baby was sleeping all night by one month."

Congrat-u-freaking-lations. Do you think I am purposely wanting my child to wake up?

P.S. Mi baby is not Su baby.

7. "You're going to spoil that baby from holding it too much."

Oh yea...because everyone is going to suffer from too much love and cuddles. Especially my three week old who just popped out of my va-jay-jay to this crazy ass world. I should totally just let her sit and chill. Totally. 

8. "It's just a cookie."

Yea it's just a cookie that I don't want my kid to have. She'll eat them one day, she doesn't need them now. Respect this mama or suffer the wrath of the cookie monster.

9. "You really need to leave that baby more."

You don't say.

10. "That baby is attached. He's going to have a heck of a time going to school, daycare, sitter, etc..."

Don't be hating on our mother-baby bond. And dude seriously, school is like four years away. By then we may all be traveling to school with jet packs, so let's not even go there just yet.

Okay, okay. So this post be a little blunt, but let's face it, being a new mom opens us up to lots of unsolicited advice. While that advice generally comes from a good heart and a caring person trying to help, sometimes the advice makes us second guess what we're doing and what we believe it. Sometimes unsolicited advice, opinions and remarks has a way of putting a person down. 

And let's just face it...not everyone is a baby whiz. You may have successfully popped out three kids and kept them alive so far, but that doesn't make you an expert. Different things work for different families and different mothers have different approaches to different things; as well as many different beliefs. 

Make sure not to offer too much advice to a new mom. Chances are, everything you're telling them is something that they have probably heard. They more than likely want to figure this out on their own. Wait for them to ask questions and then always answer accordingly and never judge.

First time moms have a lot to learn no doubt, but they likely already know what they believe in.

What is something that you've been told that annoys the heck out of you?

Thanks for reading, Sasha