10 Ways Being a SAHM is Different Than I Thought

1. I don't look like a cute housewife most days.

I always told myself that I wouldn't just sit around the house looking like a slob, and while I don't think I necessarily look like a slob, I will say that I definitely don't look too cute most days. Who has time for a ton of makeup, straight hair and why waste cute clothes? 

2. I don't get to read and craft.

I used to save magazines and books towards the end of my pregnancy for when I was going to be a SAHM. Yea, well let's just get something straight here. Reading books and magazines usually only come after the baby is asleep but by then I'm trying to clean the kitchen, eat a meal in peace and work on this lovely blog. So yea, reading is hard. And crafting? That's for the birds.

3. I don't wake up early to conquer the world.

I always try and set an alarm to wake up before the baby so I can have time to myself and to unwind, work and enjoy some morning cocoa. Wellllll, considering that I don't get a full night of sleep, let's just say that waking before the baby is impossible. Kind of a crazy idea anyways.

4. I'm not always cooking Rachel Ray worthy meals.

Sure I cook almost every week night, but no, it is not always a full course dinner with fancy side dishes and a beautiful dessert. Cooking can be a challenge with a clingy child. If she isn't napping - the easier the meal is, then the happier we all are.

5. There are no fancy lunches.

Yes just like dinner is easy, lunch is usually dinner's leftovers.

6. I don't tackle housework in one day and relax the other days.

I wish I did and sometimes I do pull it off. Typically though I get side tracked and chores just get done as they do throughout the week. Perhaps I should try a new system...

7. I actually make breakfast now.

Prior to being a SAHM I hated making breakfast. Now I have a little human who wakes up hungry. Pancakes, muffins, fruit bowls, oatmeal...I have breakfast!

8. There's still clutter.

Sure my house is always clean and organized, but just like any person I have my stashes of clutter here and there. The counter almost always has a stack of mail, catalogs and stuff like that. Even though it drives me NUTS, that stack will sit there for days. Truth.

9. I don't live an Instagram perfect life.

Sure we do the occasional toddler craft, the frequent learning activity, we bake regularly and we play outside a bit. But it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Despite wanting to be supermom all day and tackle the world, that crap just doesn't always happen. Yet, I stalk the other feeds who "seem" to be supermom all day.

10. Some days are pretty perfect.

While everyday isn't full of  Instagram worthy pictures, lessons and healthy meals, some days are. Some days involve less crying, less clinginess and less "I don't know what is wrong with her." These are the days that are officially the shiz nit. These are the days where you take care of everything -- housework, learning activities, cool lunches, crafts, etc... You go to bed feeling accomplished on these days. You feel like SUPERMOM.

But in real life, number 10 happens only about once a week.

Sure things aren't always like I imagined and things are not always easy, but it's life. It's real life and it's perfect for us. I wouldn't trade this job in for anything in the world.


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How was life as a SAHM different than you expected?