Summer Fun and a Summer Baby Food Recipe

Another great day at the splash park with her cousin, Nanny and Mama and Daddy!

This was one of those

"use what you have that's about to go bad"

recipes and it actually gave us a new yummy treat. This is such a good summer recipe that would be great for snack time and also for homemade Popsicles. We used clementines but feel free to use Oranges or Tangerines instead. To keep it a light puree, only use one banana with 4-5 clementines or two whole oranges and so on. Aim for more orange than yellow and you'll have a fun, fruity treat for your little one 

(this was steam and blended in my baby brezza for fifteen minutes).

This is a simple summer recipe that baby will love! 

What's your favorite recipe to make with fruits?

Thanks for reading, Sasha