Protecting Your Yard With Non Toxic Products (Giveaway Too)

When we think of protecting ourselves and our families from toxic chemicals we are very quick to think about the products we use indoors and on our bodies. Sometimes we forget that our surrounding areas outside are full of toxic products too. Think about when your husband goes outside and sprays weed killer or when the mosquito guy passes down the street in the evenings spraying the area for mosquitoes (luckily they pass after dark when kids are indoors). Now more and more research is coming out about the pesticides and chemicals we use outdoors and the affects that they can have on fetuses and more. 

We don't really use many chemicals in our yard since we rent and don't have a large space. However, when the time comes to where we have a larger yard to take care of and mend to, I plan on looking into how I can take care of it with non toxic chemicals. Today I get to share a company with you that is doing just that!

I love when companies take a stand for our families and our environment! 

The Mission of Yard Gard


 USA made line of all natural lawn and garden products were created with our families and our environment in mind. They wanted products that could solve problems and be healthy for families, water, soil, and our general way of life. They currently have a line of animal repellents to keep unwanted critters out of your yard and garden without hurting the animals themselves (how amazing!). Also, they have an all natural 100% organic insect killer that will not harm friendly insects like bees (which are crucial to our 



The Solution

Some organic products are eventually prone to breaking down naturally and too quickly.

Yard Gard's

repellents are uniquely formulated to protect the natural ingredients from deteriorating. By infusing granules with ingredients and then encapsulating the granule with an organic coating, they can do just that. As the product is watered, the coating breaks down releasing the ingredients into the soil gradually. The remainder of the ingredients stay protected in the granule protecting them from decay. 

Ecokill insect spray is packed with ingredients; since you can't always keep the organic ingredients of a liquid protected from the elements, they simply put more in! Yard Gard's product contains up to 10X the active ingredients of other organic sprays. Yard Gard's Ecokill is also safe for pollinating BEES. But the biggest reason to buy

Yard Gard products is that they work


Repellent Process is Unique But Simple


Repellents are made with two main components: Pellet & Active Ingredients


Ingredients are absorbed into the pellet & locked into the pellet with a coating


The powerful ingredients are slowly released as the shell is dissolved by water


The ingredients leak in the soil over time protecting your yard from pests

 Insect Protection is Unique But Simple

5. A

ll natural ingredients that are known to kill and repel harmful insects


Because some organic ingredients are prone to deteriorate, highly concentrated  formulas create a more lasting effect.


All natural lawn and garden spray is effective but won't harm Bees!


Unique formula not only kills harmful insects but clings to plants to repel new destructive bugs from eating.

Products Have the Advantage

1.  Some organic ingredients decay quickly when exposed to the elements -- not Yard Gard

2.  Product is packed with active ingredients - up to 50% more than the competition.

3.  Product is composed of


food grade oils, spices, and minerals.

4.  Product is


: No harsh man-made chemicals & won't harm the


5.  Product has stood the test! Products were tested over a two year period in order to produce real results.

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Environmentally safe //

 Safe for use around children and pets //

 Non-toxic //

 For Organic Gardening

All Natural Insecticide or All Natural Insect Killer // 

Kills by Contact and repels

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How do you treat your yard or garden naturally?

Thanks so much for reading and to Yard Gard for sponsoring this post!









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