Living in an Over Processed World

Gone are the simple days.

Gone are the simple days of easily buying local produce and having the ease of supporting local farmers. Gone are the days for many people of growing their own crops or having fresh milk delivered to their doorstep. Gone for many people are the days of relying on baking soda and vinegar for everything and instead trusting the mainstream brands that pop up on the television every five minutes with fancy bottles that declare hazards. 

Many of us no longer take the time to read a good book, but rather we stay glued to our cell phones scanning our news feeds. We rarely go for a walk just because anymore and many of the children in today's society is so swamped with the ever growing demands of homework and of course the latest video game, that they hardly see any daylight outside of the school yard.

In many ways, it's a sad time we're in.

It's a time of an over processed life; a time of relying on electronic babysitters in the form of iPads and televisions and

it is a time of convenience.

It's a time of plastics and loud, blinking toys and microwave dinners. Where is the simplicity of yesterday and the minimalism of decades ago? 

While sometimes our day and age is a sad, sad thing,

there is also some good.

We're now able to cure diseases and prevent epidemics more than ever and we're a world full of smart people with toddlers capable of running computers. It's an innovative day and age no doubt (coming from a blogger that's a good thing) but it is still frequently an over processed age. 

Where is the simplicity of life? 

 Where are the days of relying on simple products to clean our homes and our bodies? Why must we rely on genetically modified food to sit on our table and why must our skin care products be chalked with so many toxic preservatives that they will never go bad? Why are we sitting in a house full of things that we may not really need and a room full of toys that can trigger a case of ADHD? Why are we living in a world where cancer, autism, birth defects and more haunt our families and loved ones?

Perhaps it is because we're living in an over processed world

(however, we at the end of the day we can't control God's plans for our health or our loved ones).

But maybe it's not quite all of us.

Realize that I didn't say "all of us" in the above scenarios but rather said "many of us." As the author of a green living, crunchy mama blog, I am nowhere near perfect. I strive my hardest to live naturally, yet I admire those that are even more set in their "simple, natural" lifestyle ways. I envy the people who can easily turn down Oreos and I fuss myself at not waking early enough to make it to the farmers market (35 mins away might I add). I too fall victim to the curse of the cell phone and I too have about fifteen books that must be read (like I really


to read them for training) but sometimes just don't take the time to sit and read. 

There's a revolution going on. 

There is a growing group of people out there that are making a difference; I like to think in some ways I am one of them. Whether you to refer to them as hippie or crunchy, granola or paranoid, there is a reason why this "trend" is growing. There is a reason why big box stores are now offering more organic items and there is a reason why companies are releasing paraben free products. It is because people are starting to wise up and take a stand. It's because people are realizing just how over processed this world is and it is because people are craving the simplicity of yesteryear.

No one can be perfect.

No one can just make a change into the perfect, natural lifestyle in the blink of an eye. It takes time to make those changes into a simpler, healthier lifestyle; many of which that I am still learning about. It takes time to figure out the best grocery shopping routine that will consist of as much organic, non GMO items as possible and it takes time to learn which beauty products are safe. It takes time to try and eat more whole foods and it takes time to understand ingredients. 

Let's take a stand.

Whether or not you're into the idea of changing your diet or your skin care regimen, I'm pretty sure we can all take a second to realize that we need to change our lifestyle. Our health needs to be a priority and we need to consider one major thing - that the days of the simpler lifestyle didn't consist of the cancers and childhood disorders that we now see and our precious earth wasn't in the trouble that it now is.

This is our children's future and this is their home; we need to stand up for them and ourselves by being informative about what we consume, breathe and how we live.

Let's try to show our children the simplicity of yesteryear. 

Be the change.

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and sharing, Sasha

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