30 Things I Didn't Know About Raising a Toddler

  1. That one small person could throw the same, small sippy cup one million times off of the highchair. And out of the shopping cart and at the quiet, nice restaurant. 
  2. That the characters on Sesame Street actually refer to themselves as monsters. Am I the only one who did not know that? My childhood is completely altered now. 
  3. That the same person who spills their food every evening can and wants to help unload the dishwasher. And unload the grocery bags.
  4. That playing outside is so amazing that the second you enter inside again you've immediately entered a world of tears, feet stomping and screaming. Well kid, mama was hot. 
  5. That Mickey Mouse's "The Hot Dog Song" is literally the best song ever. It's like "Baby Got Back" for toddlers (okay so not really, that is kinda a dirty song - but you get my point). 
  6. That a growing toddler is unable to tell you about the sudden change in their nap schedule. It's completely up to you to figure that crap out. 
  7. That some days a toddler pees a whole lot and other days not so much. Therefore you're in instant panic-dehydration-shoving-water-down-their-throat mode
  8. That one day their crap smells tolerable and the next day you swear they ate a skunk for dinner. 
  9. That one day they love kiwi and the next day they stare at the kiwi like it's a giant booger.
  10. That one day they're all about table food like a big kid and the next day it takes two different jars of baby food and three different table food items to find something they'll eat. 
  11. That their way of telling you that they are done with their meal is by throwing it on the floor. Every. Freaking. Time. 
  12. That books are like little masterpieces of knowledge to them. And that hearing them read to themselves will literally make you swoon. 
  13. That peek-a-boo books are the best thing to them since mama's boobs. 
  14. That diaper changes are easy one day and freaking hard the next. And worse when they run and hide from you. Or when they understand the phrase, "lets go change your diaper."
  15. That they know what the word "no" means but still think it is funny to rebel and are so damn cute sometimes it's hard to keep a straight "but mama said no face".
  16. That the second daddy comes home the crankies, tears and fussies magically disappear. Now how ever can you get him to believe just how hard it was to cook the dinner you burned? 
  17. That your phone would always be out of storage. And that you'd always be scrambling to make room for cute photo ops. 
  18. That summer days, holidays and basically any day is much better with a tot. 
  19. That each sleeping position is the cutest thing ever. Actually, each thing they do is the cutest thing ever. 
  20. That polka dot bikinis and swim trunks have never looked better. 
  21. That new toys are cool for about 2.2 seconds. 
  22. That the boxes new toys came in are cool for 2.2 minutes
  23. That any music results in baby twerking, shaking and arm waving. How on earth do they know how to move like that?
  24. That for each 15 minutes of TV you allow you silently beat yourself up for falling victim to the babysitter in a box. And this blog post is brought to you by...babysitter in the box. 
  25. That your kid is seriously the cutest ever. Really. Don't argue with me over that one. ;)
  26. That no matter how hard your day is or how little sleep you've gotten, you still linger to hold that cranky tot and smother them with hugs and kisses. 
  27. That each day is a new day full of new experiences, growth and milestones. And you silently whisper for time to stand still. 
  28. That you wish you could journal each and every expression, word, sound and milestone. But you likely can't or don't because there is just not enough time.
  29. That each day you somehow manage to love this tot more than the day before (even after a night of NO sleep), just when you thought you couldn't love them anymore. 
  30. That discovering the world through their eyes allows you to live your life even fuller and more amazing than before. And with more love than you ever imagined. 

What are some funny or true things that you didn't know?

Thanks for reading and for sharing this post with other tot moms! Sasha

Summer days truly are the best with a sweet toddler!

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