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In a journey to live naturally, sometimes we pay attention to one thing and don't even consider other lifestyle changes out there. For me personally, I'm not one to pay much attention to organic clothing and the things we wear. Stressing about the clothing fibers that I put on my body is just something that I haven't really considered (I really like my clothes). I make sure to always wash clothes before I wear them since many clothing items are full of chemicals that make them look brighter and more "crisp" on the hanger at the store; but this is about as far as I go to ensure that our clothing items are


However, when you have a little baby we all know that many mamas go the extra mile to wash all clothing and bedding before baby even arrives because we want to protect our baby's delicate skin. When it comes to baby clothing, I think that naturally colored cotton and organic cotton are wonderful choices to help keep baby's small, delicate body away from dangerous chemicals and toxins. I'm not saying that every clothing item and blanket should be organic, but isn't it nice to imagine that? Additionally, natural cotton does not typically fade or lose it's color and natural cotton is softer than dyed cotton. 

In my opinion, there are too many adorable outfits out there for myself and my daughter that I just don't want to stress about the fibers made to make them. With a good wash routine and a conscious effort to protect our body in other ways with the personal care products we use and the food we eat, I think we're doing okay. But that is just me and I have to say, I admire those that go a step further to ensure that all of their clothing is organic and naturally dyed. 

With that said, today I do get the privilege to introduce some beautiful, naturally colored baby garments to you. The items from


, have to be some of the cutest that I have ever seen when it comes to natural baby clothes. I love that they have a focus on pajamas and I love the color palette that you'll find within their clothing options. To me, their items are just unique and elegant. There is something that is so quaint about their clothing items. 


offers some of the most beautiful baby garments that I've ever seen and I can personally tell you that they are indeed the softest baby clothes I've ever felt. My daughter looks darling in her


pajamas and I just adore them. Actually, my hubby even said

"oh I like those new pajamas."

So when daddy even notices, then I'd say it's a good pair of pjs! 

Please make sure to check out their website to see some of the most uniquely, beautiful items that are free of harmful dyes and toxins. Choosing to all of a sudden clothe your family in natural cottons and fibers can be challenging and quite a bit of a drastic change, but it's easy to start with your new baby. The more we do to protect them, the healthier their future may be.  

Check out Debest










And guess what? 

You can win some baby pajamas from 

Debest too!

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clothing items?

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Special thanks to Debest Baby for providing this item with me to review. 

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