Children's Summer To Do List

Here is a fun and simple activity to do with your child/family this summer. Create a list of some fun activities that you can do to make your summer memorable. While my daughter is only one year old, this was still fun for me to create some activities for us; I can only imagine how fun this will be in the future with her throwing out fun ideas too.

It's my goal as a mama to do one of these each season (although Spring is kinda like summer, eh?). This helps families think outside of the box to think of things to do whether it's an extravagant vacation or simply baking snickerdoodles together. There are likely many things to do in your town that you may not always take the time to take advantage of and this can help you do just that. 

If you notice, we actually already have two things checked off the list (hubby insisted that I check them off). I'm already excited about creating a fall board! Also, you can use this to make a note about certain crafts that you want to do together; which reminds me that I want to make a summer craft!

What's on our list?

  • go to the splash park
  • go on vacation with daddy (done)
  • go to the global wildlife center
  • visit a farm
  • story time at the library
  • go to the beach (done)
  • visit the farmer's market more often
  • plant something

There are endless activities that you can do, whether expensive or not. Just make sure to think of fun things and involve the whole family (or at least the kiddos) to create a memorable summer for them!

What's on your list for the summer?

Thanks for reading, Sasha