The 10 P's of Bringing a Toddler to the Beach

  • Prepared. Make a list of the items you'll need beforehand to bring a baby to the beach and double check yourself (hey, you can use this). 
  • Play Pen. Our first day on a beach we attempted a pack n play and it didn't last too long. However, some children play great in them (mine is just a tad more high maintenance) and this can allow you the ability to sit and relax. 
  • Pool. Many families with little children bring out small, blow up baby pools. This can help keep baby cool and it of course gives them something to do. 
  • Protect.  Make sure to bring an umbrella to setup for them to play under. Putting sunscreen on your child is pretty much a no brainer, but choosing the best sunscreen for them isn't always considered as much. Stay away from sunscreen sprays as these are dangerous for anyone to inhale, let alone small children. Choose sunscreens that are more natural oriented and are not full of added junk that isn't necessary. We love Honest Sunscreen; and make sure to reapply often. 
  • Place. If your little one is around one years of age (or walking), try bringing them their own little beach chair so they feel like they have their own place to sit too. 
  • Pack. Make sure you have snacks, water, fresh fruit, sippy cups, yogurt, a towel, spare clothes and some diapers just in case. Wipes also come out super, duper handy while on the beach.
  • Play. You may have to get down and build a sand castle, dig a hole or simply shovel sand into a bucket to keep them occupied. Don't be afraid to let them get wet and enjoy the water. 
  • Please. Be prepared that in order to please them all day in the sun, you're going to have to work. You may have to bend the rules and give them a few more snacks than usual or you may have to let them get covered with sand (and you covered too). It's a dirty job, but someone has to be happy.  
  • Patience. Yes, you need patience when taking a little one to the beach. You'll have to feed them, chase them, entertain them and try to get them to nap. You may have to leave the beach for a few hours just to get them to take a nap (my child). Gone are the days of lounging around and "relaxing" on the beach (one day you'll get that back). 
  • Prayer. Pray that you magically make it through the day, while still getting some sun and relaxation in AND while also magically having a baby who also enjoys the beach (mine is an official beach bum).

What are your tips for bringing a baby/toddler to the beach?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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