Five Reasons to Grow Your Own Herbs

Growing your own herbs is pretty simple actually. You can obviously make your own herb garden or if you're limited on space like I am, you can keep your herbs in pots and successfully grow them that way. Herbs can make a beautiful, natural display around your home as well as occasionally leave delicious scents around.

I won't pretend like I am some sort of herb genius, because I promise you that I am not. I currently have three herbs that I have been growing: oregano, parsley and chives but I hope to venture out into some more herbs soon as I am finally remembering to really cook with mine. For us in the dead heat of Louisiana, I have to water them just a little each day and that is enough to keep them going. Let's just say that considering I have had these bad boys since February, I deserve a cookie for keeping them alive that long (longest thing to survive in a pot for me).

What are some reasons to grow your own herbs?


It is very convenient to walk outside and grab your own herbs. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to (I even sometimes forget I have them) but once in you're in the swing of it, you eventually start to use them much more frequently in your meals or for various purposes. 


When you grow your own herbs you know exactly what you used on them and that is more than likely only water. There are no chemicals used to keep them thriving and you are not buying herbs that have been processed and dried up in a manufacturing building. Additionally, fresh herbs can add a boost of vitamins to your meal and some research suggests that growing herbs can relieve stress. 


Once you invest in your herbs then you're good to go with that particular herb. There is no longer a need to buy jars or plastic bottles of parsley and so on. Herbs are rather inexpensive alone and then you just need the material to grow them (pots, soil, etc...). Since herbs are so plentiful even in just a little ole' clay pot, you can usually share them with friends and bring fresh herbs to others. Fix up with mason jar with some fresh herbs for a thoughtful, healthy present. 


Our herbs are situated right by our front door and I love the appeal it has. It's green, fresh and healthy. Just imagine the possibilities with a beautiful herb garden. Each herb is uniquely beautiful, so the options are endless. I also think it makes a statement about who you are to people who visit your home. 


Herbs can be fun for various reasons. Some people enjoy gardening and the exercise that it provides as well as the ability to be outdoor with nature. Growing herbs can be fun to involve your children in as it is a simple task to plant an herb or water one.

Herbs can also be used for sensory learning with children.

 Growing herbs is a great way to teach children about growing things and about using fresh ingredients in food. 

Even though growing an herb and using that in your meals is not quite as tedious as making bread from scratch or making a homemade pasta sauce, you still have a feeling of accomplishment when you use your own herbs. It feels good to know that something fresh that you grew yourself went into a meal that you prepared for your family. 

That is what I call cooking with love. 

What are some of your favorite herbs and

how do you use them?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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