Summer Infant Baby Sleep Solutions

From the first day that my daughter was born, I have been a fan of

Summer Infant

. From their sleep pods to their swaddles for infants, we have definitely been a Summer Infant family. Most babies generally want to sleep snuggled up, swaddled style, because of the familiarity of that in the womb. Occasionally you run into a baby who just doesn't want that snuggled feeling and who would rather

just be free

The beauty of Summer Infant's products is that they have solutions for every baby. From newborn up until one year old (or sometimes longer) Summer Infant can provide your child with a warm, cozy sleep solution. In fact, my thirteen month old still sleeps in a sleep sack by Summer Infant. I am working on removing it from our bed routine, but home girl really loves it and likes to have it for bedtime (so for now I'm okay with it).  

Let's take a look at some of their products:

Swaddle Pod:

This is a unique little "sleeping bag" that is perfect for the newborn baby. This provides the most snuggled up feeling for baby while giving mom and dad easy access for diaper changes with a quick zipper. We used this on my daughter but at by the time we had used it, she was a tad too big and I was worried she wasn't comfy. I have a family member who used the heck of this in the beginning and loved it. 

SwaddleMe Wrap:

This is by far the most amazing little baby product out there. While in the hospital I could not for the life of me figure out how to swaddle my baby and always had to have my husband do it. Luckily when we got home, the SwaddleMe proved to be a true lifesaver. With this easy swaddle system, you do not have to "figure out" how to swaddle. It's easy and it velcros for extra convenience. This is by far the most "must have" item for new parents. My child used this for a very long time.

SwaddleMe WrapSack:

Another amazing product that I just couldn't get enough of. Eventually your little one will learn to roll over and will need to start sleeping with their arms out for their own safety.

Enter the Wrap Sack.

This is a great transition product that gets baby from swaddler to sleep sack by allowing you to swaddle the arms as needed, but also provides baby with a roomy sack to help them begin to sleep with more space. You can swaddle one arm, both arms or no arms and still give baby a comfortable way to sleep.

SwaddleMe Wearable Blanket:

This is just amazing. When your baby no longer needs the security of being swaddled (or when swaddling is a hazard), you can use a wearable blanket that provides baby a safe night of sleep and warmth. Babies should not have blankets in their crib well until over one year old and this is a great way to provide them with a safe blanket that eliminates any suffocation hazards. We are loving this AND the zipper at the bottom for middle of the night diaper changes! 

SwaddleMe Blankets:

This is a convenient product for all mamas out there who need the perfect blanket for old fashioned swaddling.

One of the best things about the Summer Infant Swaddle System is that you can choose from a variety of colors and prints. Whether you need leopard print for your little Diva, Owls for your little man or gender neutral for your little surprise, they have it all. And finally, the best thing about these products is safety. Most mamas are a nervous wreck about leaving their baby to sleep alone in their crib, but with these products you can help ease yourself by knowing that if used properly, these items are safe and perfect for your baby. 

And, they grow with your baby (and they last)!

Thanks Summer Infant for designing products with our children's sleep and safety in mind. One thing a mama needs is a good night of sleep and a peace of mind. 

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