Dear Daughter,

Yesterday we brushed your hair and I say "


because you love to try and brush it yourself.

You try to put clothes on yourself too now.

Where has the time gone?

Every few days we have a tea party,

something that I'm sure you don't fully understand yet.

However you did try to give some tea to Mr. Bear,

so I guess you're starting to get the drift.

I look forward to the days of filling those cups

with pink lemonade and having a real little tea party with your dolls.

I hope that we have many, many tea parties and dress up days.

I hope that mama is always your best gal pal.

There's going to come a time when makeup and hair bows

will strike your fancy and become your favorite obsession.

There will be a time where dress up will go from playtime

to real life, but mama wants to tell you something.

Never forget how beautiful you are.

You little girl are the most beautiful little girl that I have

ever laid my eyes on. I've known this since day one.

You are going to sparkle in this world all on your own.

You are going to be beautiful in each and every way.

Because you are beautiful in so many ways.

No amount of makeup and no fancy bow is needed to

show you just how truly unique and beautiful you are.

You are going to make people laugh,

and you're going to make people love completely.

You are probably also going to be a spunky ball of fire,

because in many ways you already are.

You are going to do great things.

You were destined to be beautiful and amazing.

You are made to make a difference.

And you are going to rock this world.

Because you are you,

and there is no one else out there like you.

You are wonderful because you are you and

you are beautiful because you are you.

And you dear daughter,

will always be my best gal pal.

Love, Mom

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