Eco Friendly Wall Decals for Your Little One!

One of the joys about being pregnant is being able to plan your dream nursery for your dream baby. Some mamas start planning baby's nursery the minute that little stick says "pregnant," and some take their time and wait to find the perfect scheme, theme and overall look for their sweet baby's nursery. 

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Frozen inspired decals

One of the latest trends in home decor and especially in baby's nurseries and children's rooms, is to apply wall decals for a simple, elegant touch. Think of it as a way to replace the ole' fashioned wall paper that many of us grew up on

(hello little sheep that I had glued to my walls)

. It's a way to add that artistic touch to bring together a specific theme in mind but without having to be


committed to it. 

Wall decals are one of the niftiest little inventions in my opinion. A child's room can become an enchanted wonderland with a


inspired decal, or it can become a jungle by the simple application of your favorite jungle animals. 

As an eco friendly mama who likes to avoid toxins at all costs, one of the top concerns that can arise with something like this, is whether or not it is safe for a baby's room. Considering all of the time your child will be in that room, the last thing that you would want is to have a toxic decal sitting right above their bed.

Okay, okay're probably wondering how in the heck could a decal even begin to be toxic?

Well it turns out that many companies produce decals that are made out of PVC and other toxic vinyls. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most environmentally hazardous materials out there; yet it is all around us in shower curtains, plastic toys, toy packaging and so much more. We are all so familiar with the smell of a new shower curtain or a new car and some of us even like those smells.

But guess what?

Those smells are actually the bi products of toxic gases from PVC 

(bummer, I know)

. PVC can do all sorts of horrible things that we don't need to go into, but some of it includes respiratory problems, reproductive problems (that sucks) and produces dioxin, a carcinogen, during manufacturing.

So what's the good scoop about Sunny Decals? Well it turns out that these adorable decals are non toxic and made in the USA. They are free of PVC, vinyl, toxins and they are lead free. These decals are made out of a polyester woven fabric and are applied with a water based application. These American (I stress this because


how much is made in America these days?) can last a good 5-7 years and are even reusable. There are so many to choose from!

Modern Birch Trees

So if you're planning your dream nursery or if you're in the process of adding the finishing touch to your child's room, then I'd consider Sunny Decals. Whether or not you're an eco friendly type mama, it is always nice to know that there are companies out there who exist to keep our children safe. They pride themselves in producing products that will not harm us, our babies or our environment.

And that is why you should check out

Sunny Decals


Modern Tree

Make sure to check out Sunny Decals for a variety of decals for your little one. 

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What was the one touch that you had to 


in your baby's nursery?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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