Boba Carrier, Air and Wrap Giveaway!

Yes you heard right! Along with many other fabulous ladies, I am giving away a beautiful Boba Air Carrier, a Boba 4G and a Boba Wrap (three separate winners). Can you believe it? 

I have been a fan of Boba from the get go with my Boba wrap that I wore Little Bug around in quite a bit. We actually did a lot of baby wearing from about 2-6 months around the house and out shopping. You should have seen the faces I got while grocery shopping with her wrapped to my chest. Apparently not many people have seen that around here and by the way, old folks love it and think it is adorable. Just please don't pinch my baby's cheeks, old man! 

A few weeks ago I received my Boba 4G Carrier and I have been wearing my baby girl (who is almost one and kinda hefty) as much as I can. I wore her in back carry position for the first time ever with my Boba Carrier and while it was super comfy, after awhile of shopping I realized that back carry is a little more strenuous than front carry. But maybe that is just me!

In front carry, I can do all sorts of "fun" things too, such as vacuum, fold clothes, pick up clothes, make the bed and all of that good stuff. This carrier came in super handy one morning when she wouldn't let me get any housework in. Thank gosh for baby wearing!

I absolutely love my Boba Carrier, especially the adorable design that I got mine in. There are numerous designs to choose from when it comes to all of the wraps and carriers and I have had nothing but positive experiences with both the wrap and the carrier. While I'll say hands down that the wrap is much more comfortable, the carrier is much easier to put on.

I also find the carrier to be well suited for older babies and toddlers, and while I still think I have some adjusting to do with the straps to get the right comfort level, I have been very pleased with my carrier. I learn more things about it each day, such as the fact that it has three different hidden compartments and pockets, a pillow for little baby's bum and more. I do wish that when buckled in on the back that the straps didn't hang so much, but with some tucking you can easily hide them. Back carry is nice because you feel more free, but as I stated earlier, front carrier seems to be a little more comfortable for me personally. I just love baby wearing and think it the neatest and most convenient thing. 

Are you a baby wearing mama? There are so many benefits involved with baby wearing, some that you wouldn't even dream of. To name a few: great for breastfeeding, enables good communication between mom and baby, baby cries less, baby is generally happier and healthier and so on. Read about more here and here. Take advantage of this amazing giveaway and visiting the other fabulous ladies involved as well. 

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Happy Giveaway Friday, Sasha
Disclosure: While I was sent this carrier to review, all opinions are honest and solely my own.

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