The Perfect Baby Food Storage Solution

One of the essentials that a mama must have when making homemade baby food, is a way to store the frozen food.

As I've posted about before, you can simply freeze your food in ice cube trays and store the cubes in Ziploc bags (this is perfect for the working mom). 

For me, I've never found the Ziploc bag option appealing. I'm not quite sure why, but I've never tried that. From the get go I have stored our food in silicone ice trays with lids and plastic containers. Now, as you can imagine the eco friendly, green living side of me is not too keen on the idea of the plastic containers (perhaps that has something to do with me not using Ziploc bags too). While one set of plastic containers are completely free of most toxins, the other set is only free of BPA, leaving other nasty chemicals in there. 

Plastic just downright sucks. 

From food containers to baby toys, I often wish plastic just didn't exist. 

When storing food in plastic containers (even toxin free ones) it is still best to NOT heat up the food in that container. Warming food in plastic containers releases toxins and chemicals into the food. The best thing to do with plastic containers is to defrost the food over night so you can scoop it out and warm it in a glass dish. While I try my hardest to do this, I will not say that I succeed every time. 

Finally, I have found the perfect way to store food! I'm so bummed that I didn't think of this sooner as it would have been much more cost efficient. Miniature mason jars (or canning jars) serve as the perfect baby food storage solution. You can freeze them, you can heat them and you can store a substantial amount in them.

Not to mention how adorable they are! 

I found these jars at my local grocery store and I know that Wal-Mart carries them as well. I believe I paid $9 for a dozen jars (this is much cheaper than other storage containers) and they are the Ball brand which is a common (old) mason jar brand. This southern girl is very glad to store food in an adorable, southern jar! It is also the eco route to go. Another wonderful option is to ask someone to save their old glass baby food jars for you. 

For a mom like me who makes food on a weekly basis (rather than making enough for a month), a couple dozen of these adorable glass jars is enough to get by. If you're looking for a new, healthy storage solution, then give these adorable jars a whirl. It also makes transporting baby food much easier than popping out cubes and/or having to bring a bowl to serve it in. Just heat and serve straight from the jar (who needs bowls anyway). 

You'll love them! 

{This is not a sponsored post, just simply an informational one from a mama who believe in this product}

How do you store baby food?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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