Exposing Your Little Ones to Music

Music is important and in my opinion should be a very important staple in any household with little ones. Music can be soothing, calming, inspiring, emotional and so much more. It tells stories and it creates dances that are masterpieces. It helps us to become more active through dance and exercise and it creates ambitions in children who dream of being super stars. 

In our home during the day, the television is never on (unless I am catching up on Dancing With the Stars or The Voice). I make a conscious decision each and every day to keep the TV off so that way my daughter does not stare at the screen all day rather than actively playing and learning. 

Sometimes though in a quiet house, you want a little background noise. I love to put on the 90's music channel and rock out and fold clothes while singing

"No Diggity."

One of the joys that I get from playing music during the day is to see my baby dance to the sounds that her little ears are hearing. It is amazing that a tiny, little person who doesn't know much about the world knows that music is for dancing. It amazes me to see her little body bouncing to the sounds of the beat.

Who taught her that? 

As a trained dancer and choreographer myself, you can imagine the joy that I get out of seeing my eleven month old dancing to music. 

When it comes to music there are numerous things out there other than just the radio that can teach your child about sounds and rhythms. From play pianos to wooden xylophones and singing toys to singing dolls, there are so many fun ways to incorporate music into your child's life. Yesterday we got a little creative with our play time and created music with pots, pans and spoons. While my baby didn't always catch on to how to "play the instruments," the smile on her face as I made beats and even did a little singing was priceless.

Thank goodness she can't recognize bad singing! 

Meet our little Funny Fish from,

The Learning Journey

. This adorable toy was sent to us and my Little Bug couldn't have been happier. From the minute her daddy took it out of the box for her, she was literally dancing to the many melodies that this toy plays. This is a wonderful toy to purchase for your little one to help introduce them to music. 

What I really love about this toy is that my daughter is able to easily push the button for the music to come on herself. There is a seesaw button that will play music as well as the the star. Heck, even the dog has played it a few times (by accident of course). I also love that it has an easy grip handle on it; my Little Bug has been carrying it around the house quite a bit. She's also dropped it plenty of times (and on the concrete at that) and that little ole' fish is still just a singing!

I'm so pleased with this wonderful toy from

The Learning Journey

. Make sure to check them out for some wonderful educational toys for your Little One, for gifts and/or for your classroom. 

The Learning Journey

 has been designing and manufacturing an exclusive line of award-winning children's interactive educational products. All products at The Learning Journey encourage learning and develop confidence as they enhance a child's potential. All products build on the skills necessary for children to be prepared for school and beyond.

Check out The Learning Journey










What do you do with your little one to expose them to music?

Happy Melodies, Sasha

A special thanks to The Learning Journey for sending over this adorable toy! 

All opinions and reviews are honest and solely my own. 

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