You Know Your Husband Loves You When

  • He tells you you're the sh!t. My husband tells me this a bit lately and I won't lie, I flippin' love it. When a man compliments you, then you know you're doing something right. Whether he's happy because you cooked a good dinner or he came home to a clean house, it's nice to be appreciated. 
  • He wants hugs. Sometimes my husband just comes by and stands there. And stands there. And stands there some more until I get the picture. He's usually fishing for a hug at this point and it warms my heart (even though sometimes I have dirty hands from scrubbing the dishes).
  • He loves your natural beauty. To be honest I don't know how my husband feels sometimes when he comes home to find me in a nursing top and pajamas. But he often laughs at my look and still tells me I'm the sh!t at some point that day, so I guess he doesn't mind the lazy, housewife look. Although come to think of it, I haven't gotten a "you're beautiful" in a while...(I threw that in there for a reason, uh em, hubby reading this)
  • He eats your cooking. Ah, a good man eats your cooking and doesn't tell you when it really doesn't taste good. I've had many times where I tell him that my gravy didn't come out or many times where I cooked chicken yet again. However, he always eats it and sometimes even tells me that it was good. Whew. 
  • He doesn't judge you. I'm always wanting to do new things with my "natural living" lifestyle and he just goes along with it. Sometimes I swear I'm even rubbing off on him when we talk about things and he's all on my side of it and not the other side of it. I wonder if he's just a good pretender? Either way, he never tells me that I'm nuts. 
  • He supports you and your goals. It didn't take too much convincing for my husband to let me start training to be a CBE and CBC even though the training wasn't the cheapest thing. He always listens to my plans and goals and even if they change (since they have in recent years) he still supports me. That's a good man.
  • He laughs at you. Sometimes I feel like that's when I truly know he loves me. I say and do a lot of silly things when it is just the two of us (often "dirty" jokes, you'd swear I as a dude) and he laughs at me in a way that makes me feel loved. It's hard to explain, but I feel the love. 
I have a good man and an amazing baby daddy. Plus, he's such a hunk!
I love that man so much; he has no clue how much. 
I am so appreciative of his love and his hard work for our family. 
We are blessed beyond measure to call him "ours." 

Now, what's some of the little things your guy 
does that makes you feel loved? 

Hope your enjoying this "love" week! Sasha

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I have a lot of thoughts regarding that!
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