Little Monsters Cloth Diaper Review {Giveaway too}

I am so excited to share my first cloth diaper review with you today! Y'all know I love me some cloth diapers or like I love to call them: Fluffy Crap Catchers. Let's face it, that name really is much more fitting.

My stash of cloth diapers now includes these two adorable diapers from Little Monsters that was sent my way to review for you guys. Boy was I excited when I opened the mail and saw these cute little things because 1) They didn't know this but Panda Bears are my favorite 2) I mustache you to realize how cute that mustache diaper is! 

I love pocket diapers and find those to be the easiest for us. I love AIO diaper as well, but there is something about a pocket diaper that really warms my heart. Funny thing is that it took me FOREVER to understand how a pocket diaper worked when I was first researching about cloth diapers. 

Here are my thoughts on these adorable little diapers from Little Monsters:
  • Adorable Designs: Please make sure to check out their site. They have some of the cutest diapers on the market that are simple but always have a pleasing little charm on the back side.
  • Quality: These are good quality diapers that are thick and fluffy. I was so nervous about trying other brands but these diapers show me that you can experiment with new things. The stitching is great and the fluffiness is perfect. Can you really measure fluffiness?
  • The Insert: The insert that comes with the diaper is very similar in thickness to many other diapers I have. However unlike other diapers this one only comes with (1) insert rather than two (for extra stuffing). I like the extra insert that comes with most pockets for nighttime diapers.
  • The Pocket: My only problem with this diaper was the pocket. It is quite a bit smaller than others and that wasn't a problem for stuffing but for trying to "shake" the insert out it takes quite a bit of effort. I had to actually pull it out a few times and when the insert is soaking wet, you really don't want to touch it (not really, you don't).
  • Fit: This diaper had a great fit with lots of buttons and it also comes with the extra buttons for small, newborn babies. It fit my daughter wonderfully and we have not experienced any leaks and that includes wearing it at night for six+ hours (although I added a thin insert to it). 
Overall, I'd recommend these diapers in a heartbeat. They are actually very similar to another brand that I have but in all honestly, I like these much more! I love that I can still have a simple, neutral diaper with a surprise on the bum. There are all sorts of designs (including just solids) over on their website. I promise you will find many that you love. They are just SO cute and like I said, I expect good quality that will last a long time. 

Make sure to check them out and because the people at Little Monsters are so dang cool, they are letting me GIVEAWAY a diaper. Which one might you ask? Only the cutest "mustache" in town!

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UPDATE: You can get 20% off of your purchase at Little Monsters with the code: mushy20.

 Make sure to check out Little Monsters 
and consider them for your next diaper!
Thanks for reading, Sasha
Although I was sent these diapers to review, all opinions are my honest and solely my own.
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