Our Christmas Day

Looking at her loot from Santa...yes, that was her expression :)

new toys, oh my
 Playing in her new tree house
One of her favorite toys! 
But mommy, Gigi put it in MY stocking! 
 Gigi and Pop got her a rocking horse (complete with sound effects)
Christmas lunch at my grandparents house. Here she is with her daddy and my mom. 
 My little family!
Playing with her great grandfather. She wouldn't let them hold her...DIVA.
My awesome family! 
Playing with daddy the day after Christmas. Makes a mama's heart melt. 

This was surely the best Christmas ever. I can't wait for next year already. 
Oh how I love the holidays. 
Thank you Lord for my many, many blessings.
I am so in love with my little family, that little girl and our precious life together.

That is all. 

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