A Post That Every Mother With Young Ones Should Read

Today floating around Facebook was one of those viral posts that I decided to click on after my daughter's pediatrician even jumped on the wagon and shared it too. This beautifully, yet honestly written post is about a mother who had to do what no mother should ever have to do...bury her child. 

This mother shares their story about how they found their three year old lifeless daughter trapped under her dresser one morning. When you see the image of the dresser you wonder how and the heck this little girl managed to pull such a HUGE piece of furniture over her. In fact, it's a type of dresser/changing station that we looked at. I can honestly say that had I purchased a piece of similar furniture that I likely would have not secured it to the wall either. You just don't picture it as being "easy to tip over." But you just never know. 

So I encourage you to read this blog post and SHARE IT with friends, family and Facebook friends. Share it on your social networks because every mama, new and old should read this and consider all of the furniture in their home and secure it. Sometimes we just really don't think and sometimes we are just unaware of the possibilities, so please share this. 

You just never know. 

P.S. Be prepared to cry your eyes out and then hug your babies tight!

and visit Meghan's Hope for more info on securing furniture and more. 

Think, Act and SHARE. 

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